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payroll audit

Rescue Your Business With a Payroll Audit

Running payroll accurately is arguably one of your most critical employer responsibilities. But even if you use a reliable payroll processing system, there’s room for user error. You might input numbers incorrectly, forget to add an employee’s pay raise, or fail to remove a terminated employee from your payroll. To combat these potential problems, conduct […]

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types of salary structure

3 Types of Salary Structure You Should Know

If you’re a fan of organization, consider adding structure to how you determine salaries and raises. Learn about the different types of salary structure you can use in your small business.

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California on-call laws

On-call Pay: California | Does Ward v. Tilly’s, Inc. Ruling Affect You?

If you want your business to be legally compliant, you must follow federal and state employment laws. California employers should know about the recent court case, Ward v. Tilly’s, Inc., and how it affects paying for on-call time. Read on to learn about California on-call laws.

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QSEHRA Plan: Health Insurance Alternative for Qualifying Small Employers

Do employers have to offer health insurance? Under the Affordable Care Act, you must provide health insurance if you have 50 or more full-time equivalent employees. If this requirement doesn’t apply to you, you might decide to establish a QSEHRA plan.

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w-2 box 1

Form W-2 Box 1: A Guide for Navigating Through Confusing Discrepancies

You’ve finished distributing Forms W-2. Just when you think you’re done, an employee comes up to you, hands you their form, and asks, Why are my W-2 Box 1 earnings less than my Box 3 and Box 5 earnings? Panicked, you glance over the W-2. That doesn’t help. You do a quick search of Form […]

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types of work shifts

How Many Types of Work Shifts Does Your Small Business Need?

To operate your business, you may need employees working varied hours in the day. Some industries and positions require different types of work shifts outside typical business hours. What shifts do you need employees to work in your small business?

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how to read a w-2 form

How to Read a W-2 Form: Box-by-box Breakdown

Once you send Forms W-2 to your employees, you don’t have to worry about the annual form until next year. Or, do you? If you don’t know how to read a W-2 form, you may run into problems.

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death of an employee

How to Handle the Death of an Employee in Your Small Business

An employee’s death can be sudden and unexpected. But, you can’t be caught unaware by your employer responsibilities for handling the death of an employee. Although a difficult topic, you need to know what to do when an employee dies. From notifying your staff to paying out deceased employee wages, you can’t neglect your duties. […]

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asking for a raise

Is Your Employee Asking for a Raise? Here’s What to Do

At some point, your employee may ask for a higher salary or hourly wage. Although raise conversations can be uncomfortable for both you and the inquiring employee, you need to know how to handle them. What do you do when an employee is asking for a raise?

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types of wages

Types of Wages That Might Come up in Your Small Business

Deciding how to pay your employees takes careful consideration. Not only do you need to think about what payment methods for employees you will use (e.g., direct deposit vs. paper checks), but you also need to consider the types of wages you will provide. Some types of pay you offer employees can depend on your […]

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