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Washington paid family leave

Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave

As an employer, you must stay on top of your payroll responsibilities, including federal, state, and local taxes and deductions. If you are an employer with employees who work in Washington state, you need to know about the Washington paid family leave program.

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absenteeism rate

Learn How to Calculate Your Absenteeism Rate—and Use It—Today

From time to time, employees miss work. Expecting employees to come in every day throughout the year is likely unrealistic. But when employees make a habit of missing work unexpectedly, their absences can set your business back. Learn how to calculate your business’s absenteeism rate to reduce absenteeism in the workplace.

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Wage base

Which Taxes Have a Wage Base?

If you’re an employer, you likely know that withholding, contributing, and remitting employment taxes is essential to running legal and accurate payrolls. Before calculating how much to withhold and contribute, you need to know about the tax wage base. Some taxes have a wage base while others do not. To avoid overwithholding and overpaying taxes, […]

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Types of Paid Time Off

10 Types of Paid Time Off You Can Offer Employees

Over 70% of employees have access to paid days off from work for sick or vacation time. Although these are common paid time off programs, sick and vacation days aren’t the only time off work you can offer. Get the scoop on different types of paid time off below.

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employee time clock

Should You Use an Employee Time Clock?

Managing employee hours worked comes with the territory of running payroll. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, you must use a timekeeping method and retain records for your nonexempt employees. An employee time clock is one type of timekeeping system you can use. Read on to learn what employee time clocks are, common types of […]

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Accrued Time Off

How to Handle Accrued Time Off

Paid time off (PTO), including vacation days, sick days, and holidays, is a popular employee benefit. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 77% of employees receive paid vacation days, 71% receive paid sick leave, and 78% receive paid holidays. But when employees don’t use up their PTO, they are left with accrued time off. […]

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Commission employees and overtime

Commission Employees and Overtime Rules

To protect employee rights, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulates overtime. But, some employees are exempt from receiving overtime pay. If you offer commission pay to employees, you might be wondering if they are exempt from overtime. What are your responsibilities when it comes to commission employees and overtime? First, you must understand how […]

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What Is the Oregon Transit Tax?

Are you an employer in Oregon? If so, you should familiarize yourself with state-specific taxes, including the TriMet Transit District payroll tax, the Lane Transit District payroll tax, and the new statewide Oregon transit tax. Unlike the TriMet and Lane Transit District taxes, the statewide Oregon transit tax applies to all businesses with employees in […]

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Are You Thinking About Changing Payroll Frequency?

If you have employees, you need to determine how often you will pay them. Choosing a payroll frequency impacts how many times you run payroll and distribute wages. Common pay periods include weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly. After picking a pay frequency, you may want to change it. Read on to learn about changing payroll […]

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final paycheck laws

Final Paycheck Laws by State

When an employee leaves your business, you must follow an employee termination checklist. One of your employer responsibilities is giving terminated employees their final pay. You must understand final paycheck laws before you attempt to distribute a parting employee’s wages. When paychecks are due largely depends on what state your employees are in. Read on […]

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