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gender equality at work

What You Can (and Should) Do to Achieve Gender Equality at Work

The topic of gender equality at work is heavily debated. Do hiring managers place more men than women? Do women earn less than men working the same jobs? Are women passed up for promotion opportunities? According to many studies, the answer is yes to all of the above. You can’t solve the nation’s inequalities. But, […]

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states with paid family leave

What Are the States With Paid Family Leave?

If you look at how many employers offer paid family and medical leave, you’ll see an upward trend. Currently, 14% of U.S. workers have access to paid family leave. As the number of states with paid family leave rises, this number will, too.

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is paid family leave taxable

Is Paid Family Leave Taxable?

State-mandated and voluntary paid family and medical leave is on the rise. Six states (and D.C.) have implemented paid family leave (PFL) programs and more than one in three employers offer this benefit. To avoid payroll mishaps, employers must be able to answer: Is paid family leave taxable?

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Pay Card Laws by State

Pay Card Laws by State and Regulations

As pay card usage picks up steam, you may consider using them in your small business. But before you decide to implement this payment method, you must understand pay card laws by state.

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form 8809

Need a Filing Extension for W-2s, 1099s, and More? File Form 8809

Meeting deadlines is stressful when you’re running a business. Many small business owners are especially stressed when it comes to meeting IRS tax filing deadlines. Don’t you just wish you had a way to extend your filing due date? Cue Form 8809.

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social security no-match letter

The Return of the Social Security No-match Letter: What You Need to Know

Verifying your employees are authorized to work in the United States is one step of the new hire paperwork process. You must gather your employees’ names and Social Security numbers (SSNs) so you can fill out essential documents like payroll reports. But if an employee’s SSN and name don’t match the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) […]

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how to prorate salary

How to Prorate Salary in 4 Steps

Hiring salaried employees can eliminate some of the guesswork out of wage calculations. Typically, an employee earning a salary receives the same amount each pay period. But, what happens when an employee uses an unpaid day of work? In these situations, you must know how to prorate salary.

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Can Employers Make Direct Deposit Mandatory?

Can Employers Make Direct Deposit Mandatory?

Many employees—82% of them, to be exact—receive their wages via direct deposit. When you are deciding how to pay your employees, direct deposit likely comes to mind. However, not all employees want to receive their wages through direct deposit. Can you require mandatory direct deposit?

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1095-c form

Your 1095-C Form Obligations, Explained

Do employers have to offer health insurance? Sometimes. And if you are required to offer health insurance, you need to send a 1095-C form to all full-time employees. If you’re unfamiliar with Form 1095-C and employer-sponsored health insurance requirements, you likely have questions like: What is a 1095-C form? How do I fill it out? […]

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Income Tax Withholding Tables

Updates to the Income Tax Withholding Tables and What You Need to Know

In 2018, the IRS adjusted income tax withholding tables to reflect the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The IRS released changes to the income tax brackets for 2019. When you have employees, you need to stay on top of changing employment tax rates. Rates impact the amount of money you withhold from employee wages. Are […]

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