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maternity leave policy

Don’t Create Your Maternity Leave Policy Until You Understand Employee Rights

At some point, one of your employees may need to take time off before and after giving birth. You must create and implement a maternity leave policy before that happens. But before you can establish your policy, familiarize yourself with and comply with maternity leave laws.

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form 944 vs. 941

Form 944 vs. 941: Which Should You File?

If you’re an employer, you know the importance of depositing and reporting payroll taxes. The IRS requires that employers report taxes quarterly or annually on Form 941 or 944. What’s the difference between Form 944 vs. 941?

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What Is My State Unemployment Tax Rate?

Running payroll means staying on top of your employment tax responsibilities. In addition to withholding income and payroll taxes from employee wages, you must contribute employer taxes. Unlike some other taxes, state unemployment taxes do not have a standard rate. Read on to answer What is my state unemployment tax rate?

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salary history laws by state

Salary History Laws by State: Do You Need to Cool it With the Questions?

As an employer, you want to know everything you can about potential employees. But some questions, like inquiring about salary history, are off-limits—in some states. To stay compliant, learn salary history laws by state.

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State-mandated Paid Sick Leave

Paid Sick Leave Laws by State: The Chart, Map, & Accrual Info You Need

Typically, employers get to choose whether they want to offer types of paid time off, like sick leave, to employees. But depending on your business location, you might not have a choice. Little by little, paid sick leave laws by state are on the rise.

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gender equality at work

What You Can (and Should) Do to Achieve Gender Equality at Work

The topic of gender equality at work is heavily debated. Do hiring managers place more men than women? Do women earn less than men working the same jobs? Are women passed up for promotion opportunities? According to many studies, the answer is yes to all of the above. You can’t solve the nation’s inequalities. But, […]

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states with paid family leave

What Are the States With Paid Family Leave?

This article has been updated to reflect new Connecticut and Oregon laws. If you look at how many employers offer paid family and medical leave, you’ll see an upward trend. Currently, 14% of U.S. workers have access to paid family leave. As the number of states with paid family leave rises, this number will, too.

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is paid family leave taxable

Is Paid Family Leave Taxable?

State-mandated and voluntary paid family and medical leave is on the rise. Six states (and D.C.) have implemented paid family leave (PFL) programs and more than one in three employers offer this benefit. To avoid payroll mishaps, employers must be able to answer: Is paid family leave taxable?

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Pay Card Laws by State

Pay Card Laws by State and Regulations

As pay card usage picks up steam, you may consider using them in your small business. But before you decide to implement this payment method, you must understand pay card laws by state.

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form 8809

Need a Filing Extension for W-2s, 1099s, and More? File Form 8809

Meeting deadlines is stressful when you’re running a business. Many small business owners are especially stressed when it comes to meeting IRS tax filing deadlines. Don’t you just wish you had a way to extend your filing due date? Cue Form 8809.

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