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What to Know About Implementing Furlough

As an employer, you might find yourself struggling financially at some point. You may have to resort to pay cuts or even layoffs. Furlough is an alternative to letting go of your hardworking employees. Learn more about what is furlough, the pros and cons of furlough, and furlough laws below.

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salary reduction

How to Handle Salary Reduction for Employees

Reducing an employee’s salary is not an easy decision to make. Unfortunately, salary reduction might be necessary. If an employee is not succeeding in their position, it may be time for a pay cut. A salary reduction is much more than just changing your payroll. There are laws you need to follow when reducing an […]

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What Is Piecework?

There are various methods to compensate employees, including hourly, salary, and commission pay. But, are you familiar with piecework pay? Learn more about what is piecework, piecework laws to follow, and how to calculate piecework pay.

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paid leave of absence

What to Know About Paid Leave of Absence

As an employer, you may wonder why an employee would receive a paid leave of absence and how it will affect your business. It is your responsibility to understand the laws about leaves of absence. Continue reading to learn more about types of leave, laws restricting leave of absence, and what to do when an […]

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hourly to salary

How to Convert Employees from Hourly to Salary

As an employer, you may find yourself changing an employee from hourly to salary at some point. Learn why you might convert an hourly employee to salary and what steps to take when converting.

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direct deposit vs. check

Direct Deposit vs. Check: The Pros and Cons

Employers can choose from a few types of payment methods to offer employees. One popular option is direct deposit. You can also pay employees with handwritten or printed paychecks. Before deciding what is the best option for your business, you should weigh the pros and cons of each. Learn more about direct deposit vs. check […]

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