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how to convert minutes for payroll

Your Go-to Guide on How to Convert Minutes for Payroll

If you have hourly employees, you likely have them track their hours. But, what happens if they only work a fraction of an hour? How do you know how much to pay them? If you want to pay hourly employees for partial hours worked, you need to learn how to convert minutes for payroll. Read […]

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self-employed payroll

Self-employed Payroll: Paying Yourself When You’re the Boss

If you’re self-employed, you need to have a game plan when it comes to payroll. Self-employed individuals are responsible for withholding and remitting different taxes than other workers. If you want to ensure you’re compliant, learn more about self-employed payroll. Read on to discover the ins and outs of self-employed payroll, including how to calculate […]

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overtime for tipped employees

Are You Correctly Calculating Overtime for Tipped Employees?

One major blunder small business owners make is not paying their tipped employees the correct wages. And when it comes to you paying tipped employees overtime, things can get a little more complicated. So, are you using the correct overtime rate for your employees who receive tips? Read on to learn the right way to […]

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Oregon paid family leave

Oregon Paid Family Leave: Everything You Need to Know About the New Law

More and more states are jumping aboard the paid family leave bandwagon. The newest state to get in on the trend is Oregon. Read on to learn more about the new Oregon paid family leave program and how it impacts your business.

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payroll processing procedures

Reevaluating Your Payroll Processing Procedures: How to Know When It’s Time for a Change

It’s always a good thing to reassess your business processes every once in a while. What can you improve on? How can you make processes easier? One process that many businesses struggle with is payroll. If your process is making you suffer, it’s time to switch things up by reevaluating your payroll process procedures.

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minnesota wage theft law

Minnesota Wage Theft Law: New Employer Obligations You Can’t Ignore

Most Minnesota employers accurately pay their employees. However, some purposely withhold wages from their employees. These employers are committing wage theft. According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI), approximately 39,000 workers suffer from wage theft each year. And, businesses owe more than $11.9 million to workers because of it. To help prevent […]

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Ready or Not, the New Maine Paid Sick Leave Law Is Coming!

With paid sick leave programs on the rise, more and more states are establishing new laws for employers. One state that has taken their law to the next level is Maine. Maine’s paid sick leave law boasts something that no other state can: paid leave for any reason. Read on to learn all about the […]

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California labor laws

10 California Labor Laws Your Business Needs to Brush up On

The Department of Labor (DOL) enforces more than 180 federal laws. These laws can vary depending on your business and employees. And, some states might have additional labor laws that business owners must follow. One state that has some unique regulations is California. Read on to learn about California labor laws and how they impact […]

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pay secrecy policies

Is Your Business Breaking the Law With Pay Secrecy Policies?

For many years, it was typical for employers to discourage discussions about pay in the workplace. And, many businesses had or have pay secrecy policies to prevent employees from talking about their compensation. According to the Department of Labor, nearly half of all workers said they were strongly discouraged or forbidden from discussing their pay […]

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What Are Your Employer Rights Under FMLA?

With so many details and rules, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can easily puzzle employers. You have to know your employees’ FMLA rights as well as your own. So, what are your employer rights under FMLA?

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