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Mike Kappel, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Patriot Software, offers payroll advice from more than 20 years of experience to small business owners.

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What Is FUTA tax?

What Is FUTA Tax?

Have you ever heard of a strange-sounding tax called FUTA? All employers need to know about this funky acronym because they need to pay it. So, what is FUTA tax? Below you’ll learn about FUTA tax, the rates, and how to report and deposit the tax.

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Some localities use local income tax to fund schools.

What Is Local Income Tax?

Cities, counties, and other small areas across the U.S. impose a local income tax. Find out what your responsibilities are for withholding the tax from employee wages.

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Learn what you need to know about giving an employee a salary advance.

How to Give a Payroll Advance

Sometimes, an employee might hit a financial rough patch. Something unexpected might happen, such as a medical emergency, that requires more money than the employee has saved up. If this happens, the employee might ask you for a salary advance to help them make ends meet. Before you begin giving payroll advances, you need to […]

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Taxpayer Identification Number

What Is a Taxpayer Identification Number?

Whether you’re submitting payroll or tax return forms, opening bank accounts, or establishing retirement plans, you need to identify your business. To run your business, you need a taxpayer identification number (TIN). Find out what a federal tax identification number is, types of tax ID numbers, and how to obtain them.

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Create an employee referral program to that leads to more and better hires.

How to Create a Successful Employee Referral Program

It can be challenging to locate quality candidates. There are fewer employees to fill jobs, especially in specialized positions. You might find the candidates you’re looking for by tapping into your current employees’ networks. Your employees likely know someone who is searching for a job or has the skills you are looking for. If you […]

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Medicare taxes help retired Americans pay for medical costs.

A Closer Look at Medicare Tax

If you have employees, you are responsible for handling and paying Medicare tax. Learn what Medicare tax is, what it funds, and how much it costs.

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Deferred compensation plans

A Look at Deferred Compensation Plans

For many employees, generous benefits are more important than pay raises. There are many benefits options you can offer to attract and retain employees, including deferred compensation plans. Learn what a deferred comp plan is, which types you might offer, how they benefit both employees and you, how deferred compensation tax works, and how to […]

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Giving bonus pay to employees can improve your business.

What Is Bonus Pay?

When you first start your business and hire employees, you might be worried about how you’ll make payroll each pay period. But, once your business is firmly planted, you might be able to give more money to your employees. One thing you might want to offer employees is bonus pay.

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what is garnishment picture of gavel on layer of cash

How Does a Wage Garnishment Work?

You open the mail and see an order telling you to garnish an employee’s wages for an overdue debt. So, what does it mean to garnish an employee’s wages? And, what do you need to do?

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You can give your employees supplemental pay in addition to regular wages.

What You Need to Know About Supplemental Wages

Regular wages aren’t the only compensation you could provide to employees. You might also offer supplemental wages. Learn what supplemental pay is and how it is taxed.

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