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Failure to pay payroll taxes is not good for your business.

What Is the Penalty for Not Paying Payroll Taxes?

Collecting, reporting, and remitting payroll taxes are some of your key responsibilities when you have employees. And if you forget or downright neglect your responsibility, your small business could receive a penalty for not paying payroll taxes. Whatever your reason for missing your deposit deadline, not paying payroll taxes is a big deal to the […]

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If you have employees at your small business, you need to know how to run payroll.

How to Do Payroll: Your Step-by-step Guide on Paying Employees

If you are becoming an employer or already have employees, you must learn how to do payroll. Handling payroll is an important employer responsibility with many steps. Familiarize yourself on how to do payroll by learning about what payroll information you need to gather and the steps you need to follow to pay employees.

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Learn how to apply for an EIN for your business.

How to Apply for EIN

Many businesses must obtain Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) to operate. An EIN is a federal number that identifies your business, similarly to how a Social Security number identifies an individual. Do you need an Employer Identification Number? If so, learn how to apply for EIN.

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common law employment

What Is Common Law Employment?

Common law employment can be a tricky concept for small business owners. You may be asking, Am I a common law employer? or, What is a common law employee? Find out the definition of common law employment, how to know if you are a common law employer, and common law employer responsibilities below.

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bitcoin payroll

Using Bitcoin Payroll: Is It Worth It?

As businesses evolve, so do different types of payment methods for employees. You have most likely heard of bitcoin or cryptocurrency while watching the news, reading a newspaper, or searching the internet. You may be asking yourself, What exactly is bitcoin? And, Is there such a thing as bitcoin payroll? Bitcoin is not your average […]

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w-2 form

What Is Form W-2?

As a small business owner, you should be able to answer “What is a W-2 form?” A W-2 form is a crucial document that reports an employee’s annual taxable wages and the amount of tax withheld from wages. Continue reading to learn more about what is a W-2, who gets a W-2, what information it […]

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The FLSA regulates minimum wage, child labor, overtime, and reckordkeeping.

What Is the FLSA?

When you become an employer, you can’t always play by your own rules. There are certain federal, as well as state and local, standards you must follow. The FLSA is one set of federal regulations you need to know about and comply with. What is the FLSA?

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It is important to know how to calculate gross wages for your business and your employees.

What Are Gross Wages?

When you run payroll, everything starts with gross pay. Gross wages are what attracts many people to a job. Gross wages are how you calculate an employee’s deductions and taxes on their wages. And, they are how you determine an employee’s take-home pay.

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Form 1099 vs. W-2: Which Should You Use?

After the end of every year, you need to report your workers’ wages. You must send a form to the worker and governments. But, which form do you send? The form you use depends on if the worker was a contractor or an employee.  

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What is Form 940? It's the form you use to report FUTA tax.

Do You Need to File Form 940? If So, Here’s How

Did you employ workers at your small business this year? When you have employees, you need to handle employment taxes, like federal unemployment (FUTA) taxes. For each employee you have, you must pay a percentage of their wages for federal unemployment taxes, deposit the tax with the IRS, and report your tax liability on Form […]

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