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Learn how to set up direct deposit at your business.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit for Employees

The benefits of direct deposit are numerous. You can easily pay employees no matter where they are located. Employees gain immediate access to their pay as soon as it’s deposited in their bank accounts. To start benefiting from direct deposit, learn how to set up direct deposit for employees at your business.

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Can a sole proprietor have employees?

Can a Sole Proprietor Have Employees?

Many people picture sole proprietorships as tiny, single-person businesses. The owner is tucked away in a little home office, working long, odd hours to keep their business going. While this image might be true for some sole proprietorships, it’s certainly not true for all of them. Businesses, hopefully, grow. As your sole proprietorship grows, you […]

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Determine when to pay employees by following FLSA hours worked rules.

When to Pay Employees for FLSA Hours Worked

When nonexempt employees are doing their primary job duties, it’s easy to tell that they are working. Their working time should be compensated. But, when nonexempt employees are not doing their main job duties, it can be more difficult to tell if they are working and if they should be compensated. The Fair Labor Standards […]

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A Breakdown of the Colorado Occupational Privilege Taxes

A handful of cities in Colorado have a local tax called an occupational privilege tax. Both employees and employers owe it. If you’re an employer in Colorado, it’s important to know if you owe the occupational privilege tax and what your city requirements are.

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Handle payroll taxes for out of state employees.

State Income Taxes for Out of State Employees

Each state’s income taxes are different. Some states have low taxes, some have high taxes, and some states don’t have income taxes at all. State income taxes get even more complicated when you have an employee who lives and works in different states, works from home in a state where your business isn’t located, or […]

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Mark the Form W-2 deadline on your calendar.

What Is the Form W-2 Deadline?

Form W-2 is a document that details what you paid an employee during a calendar year. It shows their gross wages, withheld taxes, and other withholdings. You must send Form W-2 to employees so they can fill out their annual income returns. And, you must send Form W-2 to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and […]

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Handing over the keys for personal use of company vehicle

Everything You Must Know About Personal Use of Company Vehicles

Do your employees use company-owned or company-leased vehicles? When an employee uses a company vehicle for business purposes, the vehicle use is a working condition fringe benefit. This means the value of using the vehicle isn’t included in the employee’s income, nor is it taxed. But, when an employee uses a company vehicle for personal […]

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This 10 payroll mistakes might cause some panic.

10 Common Payroll Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Running payroll accurately is extremely important. Even small mistakes can result in fines. That’s why you need to be on the lookout for common payroll mistakes.

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Learn which payroll report you should file.

What Payroll Reports Do You Need to File?

There are numerous forms to fill out when it comes to running payroll. Among these are payroll report forms. Do you know what payroll reports are? Find out what they are used for, what reports you should worry about, and when they are due.

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Get your payroll compliance checklist

The Payroll Compliance Checklist You Need to Use

Payroll compliance isn’t a once per year task you can easily check off. Remaining compliant is a big job. You must make sure your business is compliant with all payroll laws year round. You can make payroll compliance easier and less stressful by doing tasks throughout the year. In fact, there are some tasks, like […]

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