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An Overview of Job Sharing

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Job sharing, an arrangement offered by many employers, allows for more flexible work assignments between multiple employees. Instead of relying on a single employee to do everything (which can quickly reduce a good employee to an overworked, stressed-out one), job sharing can equally distributes tasks. Job sharing can reduce the need to pay overtime to a full-time employee when tasks are time-consuming.

In a job-sharing arrangement, two individuals share the tasks and responsibilities required to complete a job or project. The employee’s schedule may vary, depending on the demands of the project or the deadlines for completing certain tasks. In some cases, individuals may assume part-time employment by working half-days, five days per week, instead of the standard eight-hour shift or a 40-hour work week. In other cases, employees may work alternate days. Some may even work every other week.

In addition to reducing overtime costs, job sharing may lighten your payroll load and provide an alternative to regular layoffs during seasonal slumps. This can also benefit the company by preventing frequent unemployment claims.

Job sharing can be a voluntary arrangement, though employers must agree to the terms and specifications involved in the process. Job sharing may continue long-term, or it may be a short-lived arrangement for an employee.

For employees, job sharing can be a good way to reduce their work load and enjoy a more flexible schedule. This arrangement can be a good option for employees who have other commitments outside of work and don’t mind working varying shifts. Job sharing can be beneficial when one employee wants to take vacation, becomes ill, or requires more flexibility in their schedule due to family needs.

For an in-depth look at job-sharing, read the article, “How Job Sharing May Be the Secret to Work-Life Balance” in Forbes.

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