Payroll System – FAQs

September 13, 2017


How long does it take to pay employees with the software?

It depends on the number of employees you have and how many different types of hours and money you are using. With our payroll system, you can pay your employees in just a few clicks.

Does the payroll software handle expenses and supplemental pays?

Yes. You have the ability to set up pay codes for handling expenses, supplemental pays, and other “dollar-related” types of money.

How does the payroll software handle deductions?

You can set up an unlimited number of payroll deductions to be used by your company, both taxable and non-taxable. When setting up deductions, you can define specific dollar amounts or percentages. When you add a deduction to an employee, your deduction setup will automatically be applied on each payroll run. You may also define deduction stop limits in the payroll system to ensure a payroll deduction automatically stops once a certain amount has been deducted.

Can Patriot calculate our company’s contributions towards employee benefits, such as 401k or health insurance?

Yes. With this payroll system, you can set up an unlimited number of company contribution rules. These rules will calculate your company’s match toward benefits (i.e., 401k matching, employer share of medical insurance, etc). When setting up contributions, you can define specific dollar amounts or percentages. When you add a contribution to an employee, your setup will automatically be applied on each payroll run.

Can Patriot handle tracking vacation and sick time off?

Yes. You can keep track of “buckets” of non-worked hours for each employee, such as vacation or sick time. You would add hours to their bucket, mark the date and number of hours the time was taken, and the available balance will be tracked for you.

How are payroll tax calculations handled?

When you first set up your company information, you will define the federal, state and local payroll tax settings for your company. When adding employees, you will set up each employee’s tax withholding that they have included on their W-4 form (and any state or local withholding forms). From there, Patriot will handle tax calculations for your employees for each payroll automatically. We will also allow you to set taxability on deductions, contributions, and other types of payments.

How do I know the payroll and tax calculations will be accurate?

Tax calculations are handled by a separate application that specializes in payroll tax calculations. The provider for this software has been providing tax calculation software since 1984, and their software currently handles and calculates taxes for millions of paychecks each week. Some of the companies using this tax calculation software include United Technologies, AT&T, KPMG, General Mills, Qualcomm, Kaiser Permanente, and Walmart.

Can I “preview” a payroll run before finalizing the payroll?

Yes. In our payroll system, you will have a chance to preview the details of each person’s paycheck, and can go back and make any corrections before finalizing the payroll.

What if I make a mistake? Can I easily correct payroll errors?

Yes, the payroll software makes it easy to fix payroll errors by several different methods.

  • If feasible, void and reissue the checks in question.
  • Make an adjustment in the next payroll run.
  • If money is still due to the employee, process an extra payroll.
  • Use the Payroll Edits tool.

Can I run a payroll outside my normal pay cycle?

Yes. You may run a payroll whenever you need to in the payroll software.

What are the payment methods offered by Patriot Software?

You can either issue paper printed or handwritten checks to your employees, or use our free direct deposit.  See the Direct Deposit FAQs page for more info.

What are paycards, and why would we want them?

You have a variety of options for paying employees. Paycards (a.k.a., payroll cards) are similar to direct deposit, but instead of the employee’s pay going to a traditional bank account, their money goes directly to a debit/credit type card. Patriot treats paycards similar to a direct deposit.  You would need to send the payment information to your paycard provider.  If you are interested in offering paycards to your employees, be cautious and do your research, as each provider has different fees (usually to the employee) and different methods for funding payments.

Do I still need my accountant for payroll?

If you use our Full Payroll Service, Patriot Software’s payroll services will handle all matters of your payroll tax compliance for you. However, you may need your accountant for other business, accounting, or business tax matters.