Getting Started with Full Service Payroll

September 2, 2015

How do I start using the Full Service Payroll?

If you already use our Basic Payroll option, you can add the Full Service Payroll option when you log into your account. Or, you can call (877) 968-7147 and let us know that you want to upgrade. We’ll discuss your start-up process with you.

If you haven’t signed up yet with Patriot Software, just select “Full Service Payroll” when you sign up, and we’ll get you started today!

Can I add the Full Payroll Service option at any time?

Absolutely! You can add the payroll tax filing option any time, but adding it at the start of the year ensures the smoothest transition (and the least amount of work) for you. If you want to add the service mid-year, the best time is the beginning of a quarter. Of course, you can add Full Service Payroll in the middle of a tax period, but we reserve the right to bill you a reasonable rate if it causes extra work on our end. Call us for help and advice with this addition.

What’s the procedure if I add the Full Service Payroll mid-year?

If you start using our payroll tax filing service in mid-year, we’ll collect from you all tax liabilities you haven’t yet deposited and hold them in escrow until it’s time to deposit them. From then on, we’ll start collecting the tax liabilities as you run payrolls. Again, adding Full Service Payroll at the beginning of a quarter or a year will make for a much easier transition for your business.