Time and Attendance Software – FAQs

August 2, 2017


What is Patriot’s Time and Attendance Software?

It is an online time and attendance system that works with Patriot software’s online payroll and the MY Patriot Employee Portal software.

How does it work?

Patriot’s Time and Attendance Software is a great alternative to a traditional time clock system. Employees have access to the MY Patriot Employee Portal, where they can record the time they clocked in and out, see their remaining vacation hours, and enter comments.

Why should I use it for my small business?

A software-based time & attendance system simplifies the collection of hours for payroll processing by seamlessly entering employee hours to payroll after approval. From a business and legal standpoint, Patriot’s Time and Attendance Software will help you meet recordkeeping requirements. It’s an online system, accessible from anywhere with Internet access 24/7: No software installations, maintenance upgrades, data backups and restores, or time clock system repairs.

What reports come with it?

Patriot’s Time and Attendance Software has a “TIME Summary Report” which will allow you to report on any date range, employees and hours types.

What pay frequencies does it support?

Currently, you can use the time and attendance software for weekly or biweekly employees. We are planning to support semi-monthly time cards in the near future.

Can it handle overtime and double-time calculations?

Yes. Patriot’s Time and Attendance Software comes with the standard “over 40 hours/week” overtime rule already set up. For California employees, the system will calculate based on California overtime and double-time rules.

Can I use it standalone without using Patriot’s other software?

To use Patriot’s Time and Attendance Software, you must also use one of our online payroll options as the base component. Employees can enter their time worked in MY Patriot, our Employee Portal module, is included for free with any payroll service.

When you use TIME, PAY, and MY Patriot together, you have a common interface for payroll, time and attendance recordkeeping, and employee access. You have a great alternative to a time clock system and a easier way to run payroll.

How do I become a customer?

If you already use one of Patriot Software’s online payroll options, you can add the Time and Attendance Software online by logging into your account and visiting the Add or Cancel Software  page. If you’re a new customer, you can select it during the sign-up process. You will receive your first month forfree!