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An optional add-on to payroll—HR that’s seamlessly integrated for you

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Patriot's Human Resources Software screenshot of Employer Documents and Retirement Plan Contributions

HR Software $6/month + $2 per employee

Lots of HR Reports... with filtering, sorting, and exporting capabilities.

Patriot's Demographics Report in Patriot's HR software add-on.

Demographics Report

Need to do EEO-1 or VETS-4212 reporting?

Then this is your go-to report. The demographic report will give you all the employee info at a glance to fill out the required reporting.

Patriot's Retirement Plan report in the HR software add-on.

Retirement Plan Contributions

Simplify retirement plan management.

Easily track employee and employer retirement plan contributions so you know how much to deposit. Select a time frame and choose the contributions and deductions you want displayed in the report.

Patriot's New Hire Report in the HR software add-on.

New Hire Report

Don't let reporting a new hire to your state slip your mind.

Use this report to track newly hired employees. Select a date range to view all your employees’ names, SSNs, addresses, genders, birthdates, and hired dates.

Human Resource Tools Manage your employee data—alongside your payroll

Designate Managers and Assign Direct Reports

Never be uncertain about who reports to whoever again! The Manager Settings page allows you to easily designate managers, assign managers’ direct reports, and view manager and employee information all on one easy-to-digest page.

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Patriot's Manager Settings tool in the HR software add-on.

HR Manager Permissions

Streamline administrative tasks, eliminate paperwork, and reduce bottlenecks when you assign permissions to managers. Grant or restrict viewing direct reports' contact information, pay details, and emergency contact information right from their employee portal.

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Patriot's Add Manager tool in the HR software add-on.

Manage Paperless Files and Documents Online

Transform your employee portal into a powerhouse of information! Upload company handbooks, forms, and individual documents like performance reviews, boosting transparency and efficiency in one central hub.

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Screenshot of Patriot's Employer Documents tool in the HR software add-on.