When's the Best Time to Switch Your Payroll Provider?

When’s the Best Time to Switch Your Payroll Provider?

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Updated on June 24, 2013
If you’ve been thinking about calling it quits with your current payroll provider, you may be wondering: When’s the best time to switch payroll providers and move on already? The answer is ANYTIME! Perhaps you thought the start of a new year would be the best time to make a fresh start with a new payroll service provider; so you wouldn’t need to enter data from any previous paychecks to get up-to-date? Actually, if your new accounting and payroll software provider is Patriot Software, we will do the data entry for you. For FREE. So you can switch to Patriot’s payroll system software at any point during the year.

Patriot’s Payroll System Software offers FREE payroll setup. Whether you are using another payroll provider, an accountant, or your spouse, Patriot Software can help you get set up. We can enter all necessary payroll information for the current year from your records. The system will identify the taxes you are responsible for and, if needed, it can help clean up issues with previous tax payments.

Of course, whenever you break up with someone, it’s vitally important to get all your stuff back. Whether you make a clean break at year-end or change your payroll provider in the middle of a tax year, make sure you get your payroll records from your old payroll provider (before they forget that they’re yours, like your favorite sweater you never got back).

Also, if you switch payroll processing companies midstream, clarify with them that you really are leaving (and you don’t want them to send you flowers or candy, or continue to file any forms with the government that your new payroll provider might duplicate, causing unnecessary confusion and more work on your end). It’s really best to wrap up this relationship with an email letter for documentation and to clarify all break-up details. Follow up with a phone call to confirm.

Ready to make the switch? Try Patriot Online Payroll free for 30 days with a no-obligation trial. Get started today!

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