Use Calendar Connector to Remember Payroll Tax Deadlines

Remember Payroll Tax Deadlines with Calendar Connector

remember payroll tax deadlines calendar pictureAttention small business owners — the IRS has a new tool to help you remember not to forget to pay your taxes! If you have trouble recalling when to make your monthly payroll tax deposit, try the IRS Calendar Connector, a nifty little program you can download quickly from the IRS website. Calendar Connector will remind you of whatever tax deadlines you tell it to, including payroll tax deposit deadlines. You first need to download Adobe Air for the IRS program to work, but then you can be up and running in minutes. You can even check in with the Calendar Connector when you’re offline.

Tailor Your Payroll Tax Deadlines Calendar

Tailor the program settings according to your own business needs. For example, are you a monthly or bi-weekly depositor for your business payroll taxes? Do you need to remember the date that your 1099s are due, or when to file the 1040 (as if you could forget that?) Calendar Connector will help you recall any weekly, monthly, or annual payroll tax deposit due dates for your small business.

You can choose what types of taxes you get to see: all taxes due, general taxes, employer taxes, or excise taxes. Set the program to automatically update any IRS changes and start as soon as your computer starts up  Here’s the best part — Calendar Connector is free. So now there’s no way you can forget to make that payroll tax deposit!

If you want to take the hassle out of payroll tax filing altogether, why not try Patriot Software’s Full Service Payroll. Patriot’s payroll services automatically file all federal, state and local payroll taxes on your behalf.

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