Payroll and Other Technology Advances Help Employers Compete

Payroll, Other Technology Advances Help Employers Compete

cloud_based_payrollAdvances in mobile technology are enabling small businesses to do big things, according to the article  “Must-Have Mobile Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs” in The Wall Street Journal.

Cloud computing — which gives you the freedom to access your data on any device with Internet access — is helping to level the playing field and put an end to paperwork that ties down business owners.

The article points out several technology advances, including new ways for business owners to run payroll. With cloud computing, employers can use a smart phone or any mobile device to run payroll at their convenience. They can look up employee data, calculate payroll taxes, run payroll, and take advantage of direct deposit to pay their employees.

Other advances in technology help small business owners stay organized while on the go. You can snap a photo of your business receipts and send it to a services in the cloud. You can track your mileage and store unlimited data on a cloud-based server. You can even turn your smartphone into a credit card terminal with “Square,” a card reader for your smartphone.

While some apps are free, prices for payroll software and other cloud services can vary, according to the article.

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