Montana Increases Minimum Wage for 2012

Montana Raises Minimum Wage for 2012

montana minimum wage for payrollThe minimum wage in Montana will be raised to $7.65 effective Jan. 1, 2012. The current minimum wage is $7.35. Minimum wage earners working full-time will now earn approximately $15,912.00 gross payroll per year in Montana.

However, businesses not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act that also gross $110,000 or less can pay employees $4.00 per hour.

If an employee produces or moves goods between the states or is covered by the FLSA, they must be paid whichever is greater: the federal minimum wage or the Montana minimum wage.

Montana is one of 10 states that tie the minimum wage to changes in the cost of living, according to the Consumer Price Index.

Employers are required to post the current minimum wage for their employees. To stay in compliance, print out the Montana Minimum Wage Poster.

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