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Unchanged 2011 HSA Contribution Limits

The IRS recently announced that the contribution limits for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) will not be changing for next year.  The IRS puts limits on four categories pertaining to HSAs:

  1. The amount of money someone can contribute to their HSA in a calendar year
  2. The catch-up amount for those age 55 and over (note this is a different age limit than 401k plans, which is age 50 and over)
  3. The minimum medical insurance plan deductible in order to qualify for an HSA
  4. The maximum out-of-pocket limit of the medical insurance plan

Here are the 2010- 2011 HSA Contribution Limits:

Single Contribution Limit to HSA        $3,050.00

Family Contribution Limit to HSA        $6,150.00

Catchup for age 55+                        $1,000.00

Minimum Single HDHP Deductible         $1,200.00

Minimum Family HDHP Deductible        $2,400.00

Maximum Single HDHP OOP Limit        $5,950.00

Maximum Family HDHP OOP Limit         $11,900.00

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