Employer Reviews: What You Need to Know as an Employer

An Overview of Employee Reviews

Employee reviews can be a useful tool to help small business owners manage and develop a productive staff. Here are some basic pointers for conducting effective reviews.

Gather Accurate Data
Employers should keep detailed notes throughout the year to help deliver a more accurate assessment of the employee when the time comes.

Giving employees an opportunity to assess their own performance can yield valuable information for the employee and employer. The employee insights offered can make for good talking points during the employee performance review.

Offer Consistency
Many employers conduct annual and quarterly reviews. In the annual review, the employee and manager discuss the employee’s performance and work together to develop a plan for improving productivity. In the quarterly review, they review the progress of the annual plan and make adjustments. Some companies also conduct monthly reviews of employee progress towards annual goals. During the year, the manager should offer feedback on the employee’s performance.

Give Constructive Criticism
To make criticism easier to deliver and accept, employers should point out the positive aspects of employee performance along with the negative, as well as a plan for improvement. Employers should cite specific examples to target what employees are doing right and what they need to change.

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