Want to Avoid IRS Audit Red Flags? Our Free Guide Can Help

Avoid IRS Audit Red Flags With Our Free Guide

As a small business owner, the potential of getting an IRS audit is intimidating. But, you can avoid IRS audit red flags that might trigger an audit at your company and prevent them from coming up in the future.

Though it’s not likely that you will be audited, you need to prepare for an IRS examination. If you don’t avoid IRS audit points of interest, you make your company vulnerable to audits.

At Patriot Software, we want to help small businesses succeed. That’s why we created this free guide to avoiding IRS audit triggers at your company.

What you will find in our audit trigger resource

The audit red flag guide will help you identify and eliminate triggers at your small business. Review your small business while reading the guide and take action if you notice any red flags.

Red flags cause the IRS to look into a business’s accounting records. When your business gets audited, the IRS compares your financial documents to your business income tax return. If the IRS finds discrepancies between the two records, you could be penalized.

The IRS uses a complicated algorithm to determine which businesses to audit. If its system finds your return suspicious, you have a chance of getting an IRS audit.

In our free guide, you will find eight audit red flags to get rid of at your company. You will learn what causes the trigger and strategies to avoid IRS suspicions in the future.

The resource also provides links to related articles. You will gain extra information about topics mentioned in the guide.

To avoid catching the IRS’s attention, use our guide “8 Things That Trigger an IRS Audit and How to Avoid Them.” Download it now to reduce the audit red flags at your business.

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