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What’s the Corporate Tax Rate?

Your company’s tax liability largely depends on the business structure you choose. And if you structure your business as a corporation, you are responsible for paying the corporate tax rate on company earnings. So, what’s the corporate tax rate?

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3 Upselling and Cross-Selling Tips for Small Business Owners

Your current customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers. Why? Current customers are more familiar with and loyal to your brand. And, you have upselling and cross-selling opportunities when it comes to your current customer base. What business owner doesn’t want to bring in more revenue? Learn about upselling and cross-selling, the […]

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What Is a Purchase Order?

What Is a Purchase Order, and When Would You Need to Create One?

As a seller, you prepare invoices requesting payment from customers who make purchases on credit. And as a buyer, you may also need to create some documents, like a purchase order (PO). What is a purchase order?

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best states to start a business

When it Comes to Costs and Resources, These Are the Best States to Start a Business

Ah—location, location, location. Choosing where you’re going to open up shop is one of the first and most important decisions you’ll make when starting a business. But, location isn’t just about picking a building on a popular street corner. It’s also about selecting a state to do business in.

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statutory nonemployee

What Is a Statutory Nonemployee?

You’ve heard of employees. You know about independent contractors. And by this point, you may be familiar with what is a statutory employee. But, what about a statutory nonemployee?

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bookkeeping for freelancers

Bookkeeping for Freelancers: Tips for Managing Your Accounting Books

Fifty-seven million U.S. workers are freelancers, representing a shift toward self-employment. But the freedom of freelancing comes with one big disclaimer: you are responsible for everything, including your accounting books. Bookkeeping for freelancers might seem overwhelming, but it’s doable with the right knowledge and tools.

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types of accounts in accounting

Types of Accounts in Accounting That Shouldn’t Fall Off Your Radar

Keeping accurate books starts with knowing the types of accounts in accounting. Otherwise, you won’t know how to record transactions.

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Business Tax Credit vs. Tax Deduction: The Distinction That Makes a Difference

Reducing your tax liability can be a huge relief to your small business. Individual taxpayers and business owners alike have the option to lower their tax bill through business tax deductions and credits. What’s the difference between business tax credit vs. tax deduction?

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disabled access credit

Understanding the Disabled Access Credit

As a small business owner, it’s your responsibility to make your company more accommodating for employees, customers, and other individuals with disabilities. And, did you know that qualifying small businesses can claim a tax credit for doing so? Learn about the disabled access credit to find out if you’re eligible.

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business formulas

9 Business Formulas Math Haters Can’t Ignore

No, you don’t need to memorize a billion formulas or take a calculus class. But, you do need to familiarize yourself with essential business formulas.   

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