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what is an owner’s draw

What Is an Owner’s Draw in Accounting?

As a business owner, you likely pay wages to employees. But when it comes to paying yourself, what do you do? Depending on your type of business structure, you might be able to pay yourself an owner’s draw. But, what is an owner’s draw?

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recording cash receipts

Managing and Recording Cash Receipts in Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you likely receive cash payments from your customers. And if you receive cash payments, you need to know about recording cash receipts in your books. So, how do you do that? To ensure your books are accurate, you need to understand cash receipts accounting. Read on to get the […]

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types of liabilities in accounting

How Familiar Are You With the Different Types of Liabilities in Accounting?

As a business owner, incurring debts is inevitable. In fact, the average small business owner has $195,000 of debt. Chances are, you have some kind of debt at your business. And if you have debt, you have liabilities. Read on to learn all about the different types of liabilities in accounting.

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cash drawer

How to Balance Your Cash Drawer Like a Boss

Balancing your cash drawer is an essential part of your business’s daily routine. Just like brushing your teeth, you should also be balancing your cash register drawer daily. If you’re struggling to balance your cash drawer, you’re not alone. Read on to learn how to balance your cash drawer as well as tips and tricks […]

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working with independent contractors

7 Tips for Working With Independent Contractors

According to a recent study, one out of every 10 workers is an independent contractor. With so many contractors making up the workforce, you’re bound to work with or hire one at some point. Hiring contractors can be beneficial to your business. But if you’re going to be working with independent contractors, you need to […]

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double taxation

What Is Double Taxation, and How Does it Impact Your Small Business?

Corporations have different rules and responsibilities than other business structures. And if you own a corporation or are a shareholder of one, you should know what double taxation is. Unlike other types of business structures, corporations are subject to double taxes. Read on to get the answer to what is double taxation and quiz yourself […]

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best state to start an llc

Starting up a Business? Here’s the Best State to Start an LLC

When you start a business, you are responsible for choosing a business structure. One structure you can select is a limited liability company, or LLC. Unlike some other business structures, you can form an LLC in any state, regardless of your physical business presence. With so many states to choose from, it can be difficult […]

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Don’t Let These State Tax Systems Slip Your Mind

If you’re a business owner, employer, or both, you need to know what’s going on in your state. There are many state tax systems that you must follow to remain compliant and avoid penalties. So, how can you possibly keep up? Brush up on the systems and your responsibilities below.

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pass-through deduction

Does Your Business Qualify for a 20% Pass-through Deduction?

As a business owner, you might be eligible for various types of deductions. If you own a small business or are self-employed, one deduction you might qualify for is the pass-through deduction. Read on to learn all about the pass-through deduction, including whether or not you’re eligible for it and how to claim it.

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profit margin analysis

Conduct a Profit Margin Analysis to Pinpoint Profitability Problems at Your Business

Your business’s profitability plays a major role in whether your company succeeds or fails. And if you want to find out how profitable your business is, you need to look at your profit margin. But if you really want to see where your business stands, you have to do a little more digging and analyzing. […]

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