November 4, 2019

David Regimbal
What is Patriot’s Accounting Basic Software?

Our Accounting Basic Software is an online system for small business owners who need an easy-to-use accounting solution. Why use accounting software?  You can use either of Patriot’s Accounting Premium or Accounting Basic Software anytime or anywhere that you have Internet access.

I don’t know anything about bookkeeping!

Relax! Our accounting software is designed to be easy small business owners and, yet, powerful enough for accountants. Our software is simple, and there’s plenty of help, tutorials, and videos built right in if you need help.

I know I’ll need help. How can I get it?

If you have questions, call our customer support department for help. We offer free routine support for all customers. You can also find quick answers with our online chat feature or search for answers on your own in our Help Center.

I don’t have any employees. Why do I need this basic accounting software?

Even if you haven’t hired anyone yet, this accounting solution will help you track the flow of money in and out of your business. Patriot’s Accounting Basic Software gives you an easy, affordable way to keep watch over your business finances.

What can I do with Patriot’s Accounting Basic Software?

With this accounting basic software solution, you can:

  • Track all of your account activity
  • Create customer invoices
  • Record customer payments
  • View unpaid invoices
  • Pay your suppliers and 1099 contractors
  • Print 1099 and 1096 forms
  • Print reports
  • Receive credit card payments
  • Import bank activity
How does it work?

Patriot’s Accounting Basic Software is part of the Patriot suite of small business software which you can access with one login. Just click on the “Accounting” tab to start keeping track of the money flowing in and out of your business. The software also integrates seamlessly with our payroll software and payroll tax filing service.

With either Patriot’s Accounting Basic Software or Accounting Premium Software, you don’t have to wait until you get in the office to complete your work. You can log in anytime or anywhere — from any device with Internet access.

Do I need training to use this system?

We made this accounting solution simple by design. You do not need any special training to track income and expenses, generate customer invoices, or print reports for your accountant. There will be plenty of help articles and videos to learn how to use the software.

How do I get started?

We even make it easy to try it free.  Sign up for a free personalized tour or take a self-guided demo of the accounting software.  Or create your customer account right now. Your first 30 days are completely free.

Do I have to sign up for other products to have Patriot’s Accounting Software?

No, our Accounting Basic Software and Accounting Premium Software are both stand-alone products.  While we’d love for you to try our award-winning payroll products, they are not required to use it.