1099 Software – Technical FAQs

July 19, 2016


Do I need Patriot’s Online Payroll in order to process 1099s?

Our 1099 software is a stand-alone product used to pay a 1099 independent contractor or other vendors. You can use our online payroll for your W2 employees, but it is not required if you only need to pay vendors and contractors.

How does the software produce the 1099 forms?

You can print a 1099-MISC form for each vendor you paid for the year, using pre-printed IRS forms.

How does software produce the 1096 forms?

You can print an annual 1096 form for the year, using pre-printed IRS forms.

Can I use the software to make garnishment payments for my employees?

Yes, you can process garnishment payments just like any other vendor. You can use the comment section to record the garnishment number and any other required information.

Will the 1099 software allow me to produce a check?

Yes, and you can choose different formats to pay a 1099 contractor: 1) Check stub only 2) Check on top on  8-1/2″ x 11″ pre-printed check stock and 3) Check on bottom on 8- 1/2″ x 11″ pre-printed check stock.

Can I handwrite checks to pay 1099 vendors?

Yes, you can handwrite checks and print out pay stubs using the software.

What is the difference between using your payroll software and your 1099 software?

Our payroll software is meant for processing paychecks for employees, while the 1099 software is meant to pay 1099 vendors or independent contractors (non-employees). The payroll software calculates employee paychecks, as well as employer tax liabilities. When paying a 1099 contractor, you do not need these types of calculations, but will need to create a 1099 form.

Does the contractor have to give me their taxpayer identification number (TIN) before I pay them?

It is a best practice to require a completed W-9 before your contractor performs the work, which will request the TIN from the contractor. This information must be updated before you print the annual 1099 & 1096 forms. Patriot 1099 software will not allow you to print the forms if this information is missing.

What reports will the software produce for my 1099 payments?

There is a Summary Report which contains all 1099 required information, as well as a Missing Information report.

Can I void a 1099 payment?

Yes, you can void a 1099 payment within the software. Once the payment is voided, the year-to-date totals will be updated for accurate annual 1099 & 1096 reporting.

Can I produce 1099s from prior years?

Yes, you may enter payment history and create 1099s for past years, if needed.

How do I correct a 1099 after the original has been filed?

After you enter the changes into the system, you can print a new 1099 form. Mark the new form as “corrected” and send to the IRS along with a 1096 form. These can be generated through our system.

Where do I get the 1099/1096 forms?

You can order pre-printed IRS forms free from the Internal Revenue Service. You can order these forms directly on their website.

Can I try a sample account of Patriot’s 1099 software?

You can sign up for a free thirty-day account of our software, and try out Patriot 1099 and all of our software modules with a demo company we have created. Then, if you like what you see, you can sign up to become a customer from the sample system.

How do I become a Patriot customer?

You can become a customer by clicking the orange “Sign Up” button, and we’ll give you the first 30 days free! You can cancel at any time…(but why would you want to?)