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Society Partner

June 9, 2016


Become a Society Partner

As a Society Partner, your organization or association can offer a discount to your membership for Patriot’s small business accounting software and online payroll.

Society Partners

Earn up to 10% of referral spending

Society Partner

June 9, 2016


Value For Your Organization:

  1. Your organization receives a steady revenue stream (i.e. a perpetual royalty).
  2. Your members receive a 2-month free trial, plus an ongoing discount of 10% on all of Patriot’s software and services.
  3. Your members can create their own revenue streams and earn perpetual royalties by offering Patriot’s software and services to their clients.

Quality Is First:

Your members will appreciate that you have negotiated a discount for them, but the quality of our software and services is what’s going to impress them the most. Patriot’s software, services, and financials are regularly audited, and our average customer rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Professionalism and Integrity:

We recognize that education, ethics, and integrity are cornerstones of your professional organization. Patriot applauds you and shares in these values. As a Society Partner, be assured that your members will receive fabulous treatment by Patriot’s USA-based Customer Support Department.


Perpetual Royalty:

Your organization will receive an ongoing royalty payment from Patriot if your members sign up and use any of Patriot’s software or services. The royalty you receive, is dependent upon the number of your members who become Patriot’s customers. Once you become a Society Partner, we will provide you with a Society Partner Badge with your unique invitation link. Display your badge/link on your website to maximize your royalties.