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Preferred Vendor

April 27, 2016


Payroll doesn’t have to be complicated…
or expensive.

We recognize you have spent years building and nurturing your franchise. We know your primary objective is to help and provide value to your franchisees. With Patriot Software as your Preferred Vendor, you can rest easy knowing that your franchisees will receive tremendous value and fabulous treatment by Patriot’s USA-based Customer Support Department. Our Royalty Program provides special discounts you can offer to your franchisees.

Questions about benefits and pricing? Call us: 877-968-7147 ext 681

The Easiest Way To Streamline Your Accounting and Payroll

Simplified Software That's Easy to Use

Patriot's software was designed for small business owners and their advisors. Bookkeepers, CPAs, coffee shop owners, and daycare providers can easily navigate our software.

Secure, Accurate, and 100% Online

Patriot's servers are protected by redundant firewalls and sophisticated encryption techniques, and it guarantees the accuracy of accounting and payroll calculations.

One Login, No Hassle

With the synergy we've created between payroll and accounting, your information flows seamlessly from start to finish.

No Long-Term Contracts

Month-to-month pricing gives you ultimate freedom. There's no obligation, and you can cancel any time.

International Franchise Association
Value For Your Franchises:

Your franchises will appreciate that you have negotiated a discount for them, but the quality of our software is what’s going to impress them the most. Patriot’s software, services, and financials are regularly audited, and our average customer rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars.