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Business Consultant

June 9, 2016


Become a Patriot Business Consultant

Business Consultants can earn revenue by referring small business
customers to Patriot Software.

Generate steady cash flow for your firm!


Earn up to 10% of referral spending

Business Consultant

June 9, 2016



  • You apply to our Business Consultant program. It’s free.
  • We will review your application.
  • Upon acceptance into our Business Consultant program, you will receive your unique Business Consultant Badge/Link.

Make Referrals:

  • To generate referrals, simply display the badge/link on your website along with one/both of our product descriptions (Small Business Accounting & Small Business Payroll).
  • Customers and other visitors to your website who click these links, will be your Referrals.

Who Does What?

  • Patriot will offer free setup help to these new customers/visitors
  • Patriot will provide ongoing help and support to these customers/visitors
  • You earn up to a 10% perpetual royalty on the fees these customers pay to Patriot Software for using any of Patriot’s software or services.

Peace of Mind:

We recognize you have spent years building a quality reputation. We know your primary objective is to help and provide value to your customers. As a Patriot Business Consultant, you can rest easy knowing that your customers (and website visitors) will receive tremendous value and fabulous treatment by Patriot’s USA-based Customer Support Department. Our average customer rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars.


Perpetual Royalty For Your Firm:

Your firm will receive an ongoing royalty payment from Patriot if your customers (and website visitors) sign up and use any of Patriot’s software or services. The royalty you receive, is dependent upon the number of your customers who become Patriot’s customers. Once you become a Patriot Business Conultant, we will provide you with a Business Consultant Badge with your unique invitation link. Display your badge/link on your website to maximize your royalties.