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Patriot Software provides fast, simple, and affordable accounting and payroll software for American small businesses.

Patriot Software Press Kit

January 3, 2020

Kevin Dockman

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Patriot's Latest Press

Patriot Software releases Direct Deposit Feature

Patriot Software Launches Seamless Direct Deposit

Patriot Software, LLC has released its own direct deposit option, Patriot Direct Deposit.

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Patriot Software releases Accounting Premium

Patriot Software Releases Accounting Premium Product

Patriot Software, LLC has added a third product, Accounting Premium, to its accounting software offerings.

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Patriot Software $15 million in funding

Patriot Software Closes Reg. D Stock Offering – $15 Million in Total Funding

Patriot Software Company successfully closed its Friends & Family stock offering, culminating in a total capital raise of over $15 million since 2017.

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Patriot Software's Story

We got our start in the basement of a of a cold, wet factory. Our first customers were rats, spiders, and snakes! We used blankets for office walls, took phone calls under desks when the factory was noisy, and on top of desks when the floors flooded. We were almost always broke, and to keep our dream alive, we maxed out our credit cards and borrowed from relatives. Needless to say, It was a rough start!

Why did we do it? Because we were crazy entrepreneurs chasing our dream, that’s why!

We know what entrepreneurs are up against. That’s why we created Patriot Software: to help today’s entrepreneurs keep more of their time and money so they can realize their own small business dreams.


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Patriot Payroll and Accounting Reviews


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Patriot Product Details

Online Accounting

Simple accounting for the NON-accountant. Pay vendors, print 1099s, or add more features like invoicing and tracking cash.

Online Payroll

Run payroll yourself with our basic payroll software, or have us handle your federal, state, and local taxes with our full payroll service.

Patriot's Edge

It's not just our affordable pricing and exceptional support.


  • Our time and attendance software is fully integrated into our payroll offerings.
  • Our payroll offerings calculate all federal, all state, and all local taxes in thousands of tax jurisdictions in the USA.
  • Our payroll offerings are fully integrated into our accounting software’s general ledger.
  • Our customers do not have to use an API to move their data from one vendor’s time and attendance to another vendor’s payroll or to another vendor’s accounting. Our products are fully integrated together.
  • Small business owners only have to remember one user ID and password in order to login. Also, their employees can login in to our free Employee Portal with simply one user ID and password too.

Patriot's Mission:

Our mission is to make accounting and payroll fast, simple, and affordable for American small businesses.


  • We are not trying to be a global company. We are 100% dedicated to small business owners in the USA.
  • We are a high volume, low margin business model. Our pricing is extremely fair to the smallest of small businesses.
  • We don’t employ an outbound telesales force. Small business owners loathe being contacted by sales people. Instead, we strive to make it easy for small business owners to “find us” on the Web.
  • Business owners who find us, can sign up anytime 24/7 and begin using our products instantly.
  • Business owners who are not yet ready to buy, can take a self-guided demo without speaking to a sales person.
  • Our software is so simple that no training is required.
  • Our quality and support is unparalleled.
  • We give more value than anyone else!


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Help for Small Business Owners

Patriot's Corporate Headquarters
Patriot Software's Corporate Headquarters

Patriot Executive Meeting
Executive meeting at Patriot Software

Patriot Employee Working
Patriot Software Employee


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White Patriot Software logo

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Blue Patriot Software logo

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Working at Patriot

Patriot's Fall Festival
Patriot Software's Fall Festival

Patriot Team Meeting
Team meeting at Patriot Software

Patriot Employee Presenting
Patriot Software Employee


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