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Celebrating over 10,000 customers

Patriot Software Invoices Over 10,000 Customers

Canton, Ohio Patriot Software, LLC invoiced over 10 thousand customers in November 2017. Patriot makes and sells online accounting and payroll software for U.S. small business owners.

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Patriot Software's payroll software now has multi-location functionality.

Patriot Software Adds Multi-location Features to Payroll Software

Canton, Ohio Patriot Software, LLC added multi-location functionality to its payroll software products. Companies can now set up more than one work location under the same employer identification number (EIN). Patriot customers can add employee worksites that are in different cities and states. They can assign each employee to a specific work location. Customers can […]

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2016 year-end payroll checklist

Patriot Software Presents 2016 Year-end Payroll Checklist

CANTON, Ohio, Dec. 5, 2016 — Patriot Software, LLC is offering a free checklist to help small business owners complete their end-of-year payroll tasks. The year-end payroll checklist contains the tasks that small employers need to do both before and after the year changes. At the end of every year, employers need to check tax […]

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Patriot Software payroll setup wizard

Patriot Software Launches Setup Wizard to Help New Payroll Customers

CANTON, Ohio, Nov. 30, 2016 — Patriot Software, LLC introduces a setup wizard to their payroll software. The setup wizard guides Patriot’s payroll software users through a step-by-step process to set up their accounts. The wizard will streamline the payroll setup process. When a new customer creates a payroll account, the wizard will guide the […]

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Learn how to hire your first employee with this free guide.

Patriot Software Offers Guide to Hiring First Employee

CANTON, Ohio, Nov. 14, 2016 — Patriot Software, LLC created a free guide to help small business owners hire their first employees. The guide, “How to Hire Your First Employee,” walks entrepreneurs through the steps of bringing their first employees on board. The 12-page document directs future employers through each step of the hiring process. […]

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Download free accounting terms guide for small business owners.

Patriot Software Offers Accounting Terms Guide for Small Business Owners

Patriot Software, LLC offers a free guide to help entrepreneurs better understand small business accounting terms.  Patriot Software, LLC published a free guide to help entrepreneurs better understand small business accounting. The guide explains accounting terms that small business owners will likely encounter.

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Patriot Software customers can now use blank check stock to pay employees and vendors.

Patriot Software Customers Can Now Use Blank Check Stock to Pay Employees

Canton, Ohio. Aug. 4, 2016 –Patriot Software, a provider in online accounting and payroll software added a new feature to its software that allows users to print checks on blank check stock. Customers no longer need to order preprinted check stock to pay employees. The option to use blank check stock is a huge benefit […]

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Picture of Mike Kappel contractor vs. employee article for patriot software press kit

Patriot Software CEO Interviewed for FitSmallBusiness.com

Mike Kappel, CEO of Patriot Software, LLC, was interviewed for a FitSmallBusiness.com article that discusses the implications of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) notice on small business owners. In July 2015, the DOL issued a notice that included a clearer test to determine which workers are employees and which workers are independent contractors. Kappel believes […]

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