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Partner Program FAQs

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The Partner program is open to USA-based firms only. There are different categories of firms that may participate in our Partner program. We used different “Badges” to distinguish each category.


Provide accounting, bookkeeping, or payroll services to USA-based small businesses? Apply to our Partner Program as an Advisor.

Learn About Becoming an Advisor


Franchisors who consist of franchisee locations in the USA should apply to our Partner Program as a Preferred Vendor.

Learn About Becoming a Preferred Vendor

Yes. Our accounting software and payroll services are for small businesses in the USA, and so is our Partner Program.

No, you don’t have to buy anything from us.

No, there are no minimum commitments on your part.

No, you pay us nothing.

Yes. Each participant will need to apply. Patriot’s team members will review your application, verify data on the application, and then either approve or deny.

Once your application to the Partner Program has been approved, we will provide you with a Badge image to place on your website. We will embed a unique code (i.e., your Invitation Code) into that image. When one of your website visitors clicks the Badge image, we will be able to track that they were referred to Patriot by you.

Yes, Partner Program participants must display their Badge on their website in order to receive monthly royalty payments.

Yes, you can quit the Partner Program at any time, for any reason, without giving us any notice, and without any penalty of any kind. If you quit the program, all future payments that you may have received will cease immediately.

Yes, Patriot can terminate your account in the Partner Program at any time, for any reason, without notice. In the rare event that we feel your actions (or inactions) are potentially harmful to us, we reserve the right to terminate your account. We also reserve the right to cancel or change any aspect of the Partner Program at any time for any reason.

Yes, there are Terms and Conditions for the Partner Program. They’re pretty simple!

Yes, you will receive a royalty payment for each new customer you refer to Patriot, for as long as they remain a paying customer of ours. For example, if you refer a small business who remains a customer of Patriot for 10 years, you will receive ongoing royalty payments for 10 years.

Patriot will consolidate all of your payments into one single direct deposit, which will be processed monthly near the 15th of the month.

The royalty you receive depends upon the number of referrals you make to Patriot, who become our customers and stay our customers (see chart below).

How your royalties are calculated
Number of Customer Accounts Generated Your Royalty Percentage
1-25 5%
26-100 7%
101+ 10%

Number of Customer Accounts Generated: This is the number of customers you refer who become a paying customer of Patriot (using any of our software).

Your Royalty Percentage: Your royalty percentage is determined by how many of your referrals are active, paying customers for Patriot (i.e., using our software in their own company).

An Example: At the end of each month, we verify that your organization is still in compliance with the Terms of Patriot’s Partner Program. For this month, your organization was responsible for referring a total of 101 paying customers. This entitles you to a 10% royalty (according to the table above) on all 101 of your accounts. We add up the total fees that all 101 of your accounts have paid to Patriot throughout the entire last month. We find that your 101 accounts spent a total of $3,787 last month with Patriot. We then direct deposit 10% of that amount into your bank account, which is $378. The cycle then repeats itself the following month.

Yes. Accountants, CPAs, and Bookkeepers who upgrade their account by watching a training video and passing the quiz can receive discounted exclusive pricing on our Basic Payroll, Full Service Payroll, Basic Accounting, and Premium Accounting software.

Yes. Just login to Patriot Software, and look for the Partner Center’s link on our software’s Dashboard. Within the Partner Center, you will see these reports:

  • The Accepted Invitations Report shows which of your referrals signed up for a free trial with Patriot Software. It shows if they converted their free trial account with Patriot to becoming a paying customer of Patriot.
  • The Payment Transaction Log shows your monthly royalties deposited to your bank account. The Deposit Details Report shows what each of your referrals actually spent with Patriot last month, your royalty percentage, and the amount of your royalty payment that month for that referral.
  • The Payment Summary Report is a summary report showing a list of your referrals and your lifetime earnings for each referral.

Here are the basic steps, but always feel free to call our office 877-968-7147 option 6 if you have any questions:

  1. Apply to participate in the Partner Program. When your application is approved, you will receive an email notification with login credentials into the Partner Program’s online system called the Partner Center.
  2. Use your login credentials to login to Patriot Software, then go to the Partner Center and locate your Badge, your invitation link, and the wording for your website.
  3. Have your webmaster copy the badge, wording, and HTML code onto your website.
  4. Begin inviting your friends and customers to click the badge on your website, so they can sign up and enjoy software and service tens of thousands of our customers are raving about with Patriot.

Do you have any more questions that aren’t answered here? Just email or call 877-968-7147 option 6 with your questions. One of our team members will be happy to answer your questions.

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