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Employee Spotlight: Angelia

July 26, 2016


Employee Spotlight: Angelia

July 26, 2016


They’re really good shots around here. Some even know exactly what parts of the ceiling to shoot to bounce the darts off of to hit you if they can’t find a direct line.

Patriot Team Spotlight is a chance for us to do a close-up on the talented and fascinating individuals who make up our Patriot Software team.

Today we’re talking to Angelia, a member of Patriot’s web design team. Angelia is a Kent State grad with a degree in Visual Communication Design, and she works here in good ol’ Canton, Ohio. She has a passion for cats, dreams, and not getting shot with Nerf guns (even though she’s holding one in her profile picture).

Patriot Spotlight: Angelia

Web Designer

It’s not a stretch to say that I think you are one of the more interesting people we have in this office, at least if your awesome stories at lunch are anything to go on.
That’s just because I always end up telling people about the wacky dreams I have!

Now that is a great place to start. Tell me, what was your latest wacky dream?
Well, just recently, I dreamt that my mouse, my computer mouse, had mice in the mouse, and the little mice were actually operating the mouse from inside. But they got out and, of course, I had a cat, and the cat started chasing them around and … well, then my computer was broken and I didn’t get any work done.

Your mouse-mouse broke. I’ll bet those are hard to replace.
Mice-mouse. Technically.

How many mice were there? Please say three.
Yes, there were three.

And were they blind?
I don’t know. I didn’t ask them!

Okay, so, what you’re going to have to do is re-dream this, “Inception”-style, and get me an answer on that.
Okay, I can do that. I’ve had “Inception”-style dreams before.

With Leonardo DiCaprio?
I don’t think he was there, but I did dream that I was at work here, and I fell off this really tall ladder. And as I was falling off the ladder I thought to myself that I would never be on a ladder here at work, you know, because I’m a designer and not a ladder climber person—

That’s actually the technical name of that profession. “Ladder climber persons.” They’re in high demand right now, but we’re not hiring.
—Okay, anyways, I realized that I would never be on a ladder at work, so I had to be dreaming, so I just woke myself up into another dream wherein I was explaining this all to the people in that dream.

How do you know you’re not dreaming all of this, right now?
I don’t.

So I guess you could say that working at Patriot Software is your dream come true, huh?
Wow, that was bad. Even for you. I’m laughing, but only at how bad that was.

In all seriousness, yeah, Patriot has everything you could want. I remember that in my first interview, everyone was so nice— and I was not dreaming that. Paul, my very first impression of the company, was super chill and easy to talk to. Not to mention, he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, he seems really cool, and I’d like to work for someone so cool and easygoing.” It helps me relax and focus.

Now that I’m here, it’s great. I get to be creative in some form every day.

Are we talking dream within a dream creative or just regular creative?
Well, I make websites, and they have to be usable so I can’t just create wild, formless stuff. I love the balance, because about half my time is spent trying to be innovative and creative, and the other half is spent trying to problem solve within the code, and find better ways to bring these websites to life. In other words, I get to use “both sides of my brain.” Also, my coworkers at Patriot are super helpful when I get stuck. This is a great place to learn and develop.

So, we should pause here to let our readers know that right outside our room our co-workers are having a conversation about the pros and cons of various Nerf weaponry. How has that affected your work experiences so far?
Well, considering I get shot like every day, yes, I’d say that the Nerf weapons play a serious role in my day-to-day work life.

How good of a shot are you?
Well … let’s just say that some of my coworkers call me a Stormtrooper.

Ouch, a Stormtrooper? That’s cold-blooded.
I know. But, I’m getting better … at hiding. They’re really good shots around here. Some can even shoot the exact spots on the ceiling and bounce the darts off to hit you, if they can’t find a direct line. It’s crazy.

So, tell me about college. Where did you go, and what did you do there?
I went to Kent State, I majored in Visual Communication Design, and I was an RA, which was a good experience. It helped me pay for some of my school and it helped pull me out of my shell. In high school, I was super shy. I know that a lot of my coworkers see me as really talkative now, but back then I was really quiet, totally an introvert—but being an RA forced me to engage people and come out of my shell. I spend more time socializing now than I ever did in the past. If I hadn’t been an RA, I don’t think that would have happened.

Do you feel like you are able to come out of your shell here?
Yeah, I really do. I think that goes back to what I was saying about my interviews, and feeling like Patriot had such an open, friendly vibe. I mean, I’m more extroverted now but I wasn’t always. And I think there are lot of people who’ve had similar self-discovery tracks as me, which makes it easier to relate to everyone. I like that.

Cool. Definitely a plus. When you’re not here, are you doing creative stuff?
Well, I always try to find an artsy project to work on during the weekends. Right now, I’m designing my own wedding invitations.

Thank you! We actually met at college during the first week, and we dated all through college. In fact, we met because I was trying to come out of my shell and he was also super shy, and well, the rest is pretty much history.

Sounds like a dream come true. Was his major in Ladder Climbing?
Ha, no! Not quite.

Last question: What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever designed?
Well, maybe not the coolest, but something I’m really proud of is that I got to design a massive sign for Top Echelon, like 10 feet by 8 feet. It was a simple sign, but, it was still really awesome to see it get made, and then walk next to it. That was literally the biggest thing I ever designed at that point.

I also had a big role in redesigning all of Top Echelon’s new look—I was the lead designer on the updated logo and website, which was definitely the biggest, most complicated website I’ve ever worked on. We really simplified it and made it more cohesive for our customers. That whole process was really enjoyable for me. When you apply for a design or development job, you do so with your private portfolio, which is stuff you make for yourself or for a class. But this was something I did that represents a multi-million dollar company, and that would be used by thousands of people. That’s really cool.