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Employee Spotlight

October 24, 2017


Employee Spotlight

October 24, 2017


Director of Training/Development

Spotlight on Annie

“Being here so long, many co-workers have become like family to me. We have such a talented team here, who all want the same thing: to give our customers the best experience we can.”

Meet Annie Hambach, twenty-year team member of Patriot Software, and director of training and development. Annie enjoys the creative process of new software development for Patriot–from idea to discussion to prototype to release. Annie works remotely from her home in Florida where she and husband, Jack, are involved in animal rescue, enjoy visiting the beach, and do DIY remodeling.

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Conversion Specialist

Spotlight on David

“No day feels the same, and that natural change of pace not only keeps my day-to-day interesting, it also provides a clear path for growth. My job is incredibly dynamic and almost serendipitously calls on the sales, writing, marketing, and design skills that I learned throughout my career at Patriot.”

David is Patriot’s web conversion analyst. He has been with the Patriot Software Company since October of 2007, with roles in sales, writing, general marketing, and web design. Time with family, golfing, running, playing basketball, golfing, reading, watching sports, and golfing fill David’s off hours.

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Director of Business Development

Spotlight on Steven

“Well, in my opinion, there is no such thing as work-life balance. There is only work-life rhythm. I feel like I have a good opportunity to have rhythm here because Patriot is all about what you make of your work experience.”

Steven is Patriot’s director of business development, lives in Alliance with his wife and kids. and spent four years working in India. Steven’s job at Patriot gives him the opportunity to use his relationship-building skills, and enjoy a work-life rhythm.

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Human Resources Generalist

Spotlight on Michelle

“I know you’re keeping with a theme here, but you’re venturing into Dad Joke territory. You know this, right?”

Michelle is one of Patriot’s Human Resource experts, is a Kent State graduate (Go Flashes!), and lives in Dover. Michelle is married to a superhero, has a super dog, loves a good book and catching Pokemon, and works hard to make sure Patriot employees have a great work-life integration.

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SEO Specialist

Spotlight on Tony

“It’s like I’m playing a chess game against Google. I’m not going to win, but it’s awesome to get to play with the best.”

Tony is a member of Patriot’s marketing team. Tony is a Kent State grad with a degree in Marketing. He grew up here in good ol’ Canton, Ohio, but lives in Stow, Ohio, where he has access to the parks and trails. Tony specializes in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and has a passion for exercise and delicious pastries.

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UI Designer

Spotlight on Jen

“Arnold Schwarzenegger has really soft hands.”

Jen is a UI Designer whose journey to Patriot started at the University of Cincinnati, wound through the hills of Hollywood (where she met Arnold Schwarzenegger) and back to Canton, Ohio.

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UX Developer

Spotlight on Kyle

“I got to college, I saw a really pretty girl in my first writing class, and after that I took all the writing courses I could take.”

Kyle, a UX Developer and Mount Union grad, talks about how he met his wife in a writing class and offers his view on the future of web design.

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