Affiliate Program – FAQs

May 21, 2015



Who Can Be an Affiliate?
An Affiliate can be any US-based business or US citizen that is in compliance with our Terms and Conditions. We encourage consultants and organizations such as small business associations and service providers to apply.

Our customers know our software the best, and their testimonials tell it all.  They of course, enjoy earning referral fees this Affiliate Program.

How Do I Enroll in the Patriot Affiliate Program?
Complete our online Affiliate Program Application, and your unique Affiliate account is automatically created. The staff at Patriot will review your application materials, and we will notify you of any changes in your acceptance status.

Affiliate Fees

How much can I earn in Affiliate Fees?
Affiliates earn $100 for each referral they provide that becomes a new paying customer of Patriot Software. All information given by the customer must be valid. Patriot Software sends checks the month after the referred customer starts paying for the service.

When will I be paid?
Patriot pays all Affiliate fees after the referred customer starts paying for the service. Once each month, Patriot calculates the Affiliate Fees it owes to our Affiliates.

How will I be paid?
We will mail you a check (to the business or personal name that you provide to us in the Affiliate Program’s online system).

When will I receive my first Affiliate Fee payment from Patriot?
We will mail any/all Affiliate Fees owed to you the month after one of your Referrals becomes a paying customer of Patriot. To be more specific, as soon as your Referral enters their credit card information, you will earn your Affiliate Fee the following month.

Affiliate Codes

What is an Affiliate Code?
When Patriot approves you for participation in the Patriot Affiliate Program, you will be assigned a unique Affiliate Code. Essentially, this is your unique “account code” within Patriot’s Affiliate Program. As a participant in the Patriot Affiliate Program, you should only have one Affiliate Code.

Can my Affiliate Fees be divided up?
No — Each Affiliate Code is assigned to one (and only one) Affiliate for check-writing purposes.

How is my Affiliate Code used?
Your unique Affiliate Code also acts as the “Coupon Code” that you can give to your business friends to claim their 2 months of free use of Patriot’s software. Remind them to use this “Coupon Code” when they sign up with Patriot. This way, we will know that you referred them to us, and you will earn $100.

Social Media Promotion

Where can I promote my Affiliate Code?
Patriot provides you with a convenient link that has your Affiliate Code embedded within it that looks similar to this:

You can share this convenient link on any Internet or Social Media webpage that you have control over (so long as it meets with the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program). You may also want to email people you know with your convenient link or share your Affiliate Code by word-of-mouth.

Can I link to Patriot Software from my Social Media accounts (such as Blogs I frequent, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, etc.)?
Yes — Simply copy and paste the convenient link (which contains your Affiliate Code) onto your social media “wall” or “profile.”

Am I permitted to do various forms of “marketing” to further promote my Affiliation with Patriot Software?
Yes — One of the easiest forms of promotion you can do is to send emails to your business contacts endorsing Patriot Software. Make sure to use the convenient link that we provide you (containing your Affiliate Code). Your marketing promotion efforts should comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program.

Does the Patriot Affiliate Program prevent me from promoting any companies, products, or services that compete with Patriot’s offerings?
No — If you do market competitive products and services, you agree to place our link, banners, and any other content identifying Patriot and products and services in a location and in a manner on your site that is equal to or better than the location and manner in which you place a competitor’s.

Affiliate Requirements

After I refer new customers to Patriot, do I have any ongoing responsibilities?
No — Patriot Software offers ongoing free support to its customers. After you have referred the customer, we handle everything else.

Do I have to pay anything to participate in Patriot’s Affiliate Program?
No — It costs nothing to participate in the program.

Do I have to have a minimum sales level or number of referrals in order to stay active in the program?
No — There are no performance minimums.

Can a non-USA entity participate in the Patriot Affiliate Program?
No — This program is for USA entities only. We do not care where your website is hosted, but we do care that you are either a US Citizen or a valid US business entity with a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).