Software Support Philosophy

October 10, 2013


Our Support Philosophy

We believe that routine customer support should be free! So, we offer…

  • Free support to help you get started.
  • Free support in answering your “how to” questions.
  • And free ongoing, routine support.

We also offer a Premium Support level for those rare situations when you need in-depth help that is not considered routine.

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Free, Routine Support Options:

Call Us Toll Free

Our phone number (877) 968-7147 is listed on every page of our software. Our USA-based support team will answer your questions on how to use our software.

Video Tutorials

We have embedded short video tutorials throughout our software for your convenience. Just click the yellow camera icon to see a short video tutorial.

Written Help Articles

There are many written help articles in our online Help Center that provide explanations and step-by-step instructions. These question mark icons are embedded throughout our software, linking you to the appropriate help articles.


We provide brief “Hints” on the top of most pages within our software. These Hints answer the most basic questions like… “What the heck is this?” And of course, the Hints can easily be turned off at any time.

Real Time Chat

You can do a real-time Chat with our Customer Support team during normal business hours. Just click the blue Chat bar at the bottom of most pages.


At the top of each page of our software, we offer a convenient method to Email our Customer Support team your questions. And of course, you’re always welcome to email our Customer Support department directly (

Paid, Premium Support Option:


Premium Help

Our Premium Support option is available in those rare situations when you want to hire an expert to “bail you out” of a tough situation.


  • If you’ve totally messed up your payroll, and you’ve caused your payroll taxes to be all wrong… We can tell you exactly how to fix your problem yourself, or we can fix it for you.
  • If you’re using our website building software to create your website, but you just want somebody to “do it for you,” we can.

Premium Support is optionally available to you on a pay-as-you-need-it basis for $1.00 per minute. We charge by the minute, and there are no minimum charges. For example, if it takes us 19 minutes to “bail you out” of a tough situation, you would only pay $19. We never charge for Premium Support without having your permission in advance. And, you have complete control over how much of our time you wish to use, so that you’re never charged for time that you did not authorize.

You can try our software products for free anytime.