I Lost My PIN for EFTPS Payroll Deposits and Lived to Tell About It

payroll deposit by phoneNow that you’re making payroll tax deposits via the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, you may wonder: “What happens if I lose that pesky EFTPS PIN number?”

It just happened to me. I misplaced the EFTPS notice with my assigned PIN number. I couldn’t log in to make my payroll tax deposit without the PIN. And while you can reset your password on the EFTPS website, you can’t reset your assigned PIN. Panic!

Well, I have good news. I was able to still make the payroll tax payment for my husband’s business by phone. I made the payroll deposit on time, without any extra charges or penalties.

If you become a victim of your own disorganization and lose your PIN number, here’s what to do:

  • Have your calculations on hand before you call — your total payroll tax deposit amount, as well as the Social Security amounts, Medicare numbers, and federal income tax numbers figured separately.
  • Know your Federal Identification number, as well as the routing number and account number for your checking account, and the month and quarter to which the payroll tax deposit will be applied.
  • Call 1-800-555-8778. I chose Option 1 to speak with a customer representative.
  • Be prepared to answer questions to verify your identity. The representative asked me the amount and date of my last payroll tax deposit. (She was patient with me as I quickly logged into my payroll software and found this info.)
  • Give the representative the amounts of your current payroll tax deposit.
  • Write down the confirmation number for your records.
  • Request another copy of your PIN number. Mine is on its way by mail.

So learn from me and keep your PIN in a safe place. But if you do lose it, call EFTPS for help.

If you’d like to know more about the change to EFTPS, read the article “Changes Ahead for Employers Making Federal Payroll Tax Deposits.”

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