October 7, 2013


What is TaxBeGone?

TaxBeGone is an optional payroll tax management service for customers of Patriot PAY online payroll software. With TaxBeGone payroll tax filing service, we will deposit and file all your applicable federal, state, and local payroll taxes. While we can’t magically make all your taxes go away, we can at least offer TaxBeGone as a remedy for relieving your payroll tax headaches!

Why do I need TaxBeGone?

Payroll tax management can be challenging for small business owners who are juggling their daily operations, and just one missed payroll tax deposit can result in fines and penalties. The payroll tax service can take away your worries about payroll tax management and allow you to focus on the business at hand.

What types of deposits and forms does TaxBeGone handle?

TaxBeGone handles all employee taxes and most of the employer taxes, including federal, state and local taxes.

Are there any tax jurisdictions that TaxBeGone doesn’t handle?

We don’t handle Workers’ Compensation.

I want to add the TaxBeGone service — How do I start?

If you’re already a Patriot PAY customer, you can add TaxBeGone after you log in to the system, or call (877) 968-7147, and let us know that you want to add TaxBeGone. We’ll discuss your start-up process with you. If you haven’t signed up yet for Patriot PAY, and you want to add TaxBeGone, just check the box marked “Yes, I want to use TaxBeGone!” during your sign-up, and we’ll start the service for you today!