Payroll Software in Wisconsin

December 31, 2013


Wisconsin employers can now take advantage of Patriot PAY online payroll software anytime or anywhere. Patriot PAY stays current on all of the latest Wisconsin payroll and employment laws:


  • New Employers — New Wisconsin employers must register at the Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue.
  • Withholding Exemption Certificate/New Hire Reporting — Wisconsin requires employees and employers to fill out this combined state W-4 and New Hire Reporting form.
  • Supplemental Rate — Wisconsin employers should use the following method to calculate supplemental wages. They should add supplemental wages to regular wages for the current or preceding period, compute tax on the total, and subtract tax withheld on regular wages, or withhold at:4.6% if annual gross < $10,220
    6.15% if annual gross > $10,220 and < $20,440
    6.5% if annual gross > $20,440 and < $153,280
    6.75% if annual gross > 153,280 and < $225,000
    7.75% if annual gross > $225,000
  • State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) — Employers should use the reserve ratio formula to calculate Wisconsin SUI. Rate schedule A is in effect. The wage base is $14,000 for 2014, with contribution rates ranging from 0.27% to 9.80%.New employers with payroll of less than $500,000 should use a SUI rate of 3.6% for 2014.New employers with payroll greater than $500,000 should use a SUI rate of 4.1% for 2014.New construction employers will pay 6.60% in 2014.All rates include the solvency tax, assigned to the employer based on their contribution rate.
  • State Labor Laws — The Federal minimum wage rate applies in Wisconsin.If an employee is fired or quits, they should receive termination pay on their next regular payday.Wisconsin also has a statute regarding certain types of dismissals: “If the firing is due to merging, liquidating, or otherwise disposing of the business, ceasing business operations in whole or in part, or relocating all or part of the business to another area within or without the state, the employer, or the successors in interest of the employer, shall pay all unpaid wages to the employee at the usual place of payment within 24 hours of the time of separation.”
    Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations § 109.03(2), §109.03(4)
  • New Hire Reporting — Employers must report hiring, rehiring, and return to work within 20 days on Form W-4, Wisconsin for WT-4, electronically, by telephone, by Internet to:
    New Hire Reporting
    P.O. Box 14431
    Madison, WI 53714-0431
    Phone- 608-264-7737 or 888-300-4473

  • Reciprocal States — Wisconsin has reciprocal agreements with the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan.