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July 24, 2014


Payroll Service Made Simple.

  • For small business with 1 to 50 employees.
  • It’s 100% online payroll. Nothing to download.
  • We will help you get setup (free).
  • You enter your employees’ work hours.
  • Run your payroll anytime you’d like.
  • We calculate your payroll taxes for you instantly.
  • Pay your employees via our free direct deposit (or you can print paychecks).
  • You, or your accountant, file your payroll taxes with the payroll tax data we provide you.
    (If you don’t want to be bothered dealing with payroll taxes, we will do it for you with our Full Service Payroll.)
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Basic Payroll
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  • Free Setup and Free Support
  • 30-Day Free Trial
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Payroll in 3 Easy Steps

  • 1. Enter Payroll
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  • 2. Approve Payroll
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  • 3. Print Paychecks
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Easy Online Payroll Software
Our payroll software, Patriot PAY, is designed specifically for you, the small business owner.

Basic Payroll Service Features

  • Accurate Calculations

    We are tested, audited, and bonded, and we guarantee that our payroll software calculations will be accurate.

  • 30 Day Free Trial

    We offer a no obligation 30-day free trial. No credit card is required, and you can cancel at anytime.

  • Free Payroll Setup

    We will set up your payroll for you for free! Includes all payroll tax settings for your company and employees.

  • Free Support

    Ongoing routine support is provided free by our USA-based support team. Call us toll free 877-968-7147.

  • Secure Online System

    Our servers are in a secure data center protected by redundant firewalls, and we use secure encryption techniques that banks use.

  • Automatic Updates

    Our payroll software is 100% online, which allows us to perform all tax table and software maintenance updates so you don’t have to!

More Features

Love to Have Options?

It’s your choice. Select our Basic Payroll software, Patriot PAY, by itself.
Or, select any or all of our payroll add-ons.

Ready to try our Basic Payroll Service for FREE?

"The payroll software is exactly what I was looking for. This is great! "

Michael Micucci
Micucci Solutions Group, LLC - Stafford, VA

"I love the software. It made my life so much easier. Everything about it is so easy."

John BamBan
Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness - D`Iberville, MS

"I love the software. This saves us so much time. I have been refusing to do payroll for years, then I found your software. Thank you"

Nashua, NH

"I like the Payroll software a lot! It is very easy to use and straight forward. You all have the perfect product!"

Leslie Apps
Spring Air Cafe - Raymond, IL

"I am very pleased. I learn a few new things each payroll."

Mick Fox
Crystal Palace Inc - Tombstone, AZ


What about payroll taxes? Who does that?

Patriot PAY™ calculates all of your payroll taxes, and we give you this information. Either you can deposit and file your own payroll taxes, or we can do it for you via our optional add-on payroll tax filing service, TaxBeGone (starts at just $25/month).

I’m not a payroll expert! Will I be able to do this?

Patriot PAY™ is designed for small business owners, not payroll experts. We’ve designed the screens to be straightforward and user-friendly, guiding you through each step of the payroll process.

Do we have to commit to a long-term contract?

No. With Patriot PAY, you may cancel at any time.

Can I really do payroll from anywhere, anytime?

Yes, you can run payroll 24/7 from anywhere there’s an Internet connection! Our online SAAS cloud payroll software makes it easy.

More FAQs


  • Payroll Register

    The Payroll Register report shows all pay detail for each employee receiving a payroll check.

  • Check/Deposit Payment Detail Report

    This report shows a list of all payments made to employees, whether live check or direct deposit, by pay date.

  • W-2 Preview

    The Employee W-2 Summary report in the payroll software shows a preview of what will be printed on the employee Form W-2.

  • Contribution History Report

    The Contribution History report shows employer contributions within a specific pay date range.

  • Paycheck History Report

    The Paycheck History report in the payroll software shows paycheck details for an individual employee.

  • To-Date Entries Report

    The To-Date Entries report shows all payroll activity for employees, including historical entries and paychecks processed in Patriot PAY.

  • Deduction History Report

    The Deduction History report shows employee payroll deductions that have been deducted within a specific pay date range.

  • Assigned Deductions Report

    The Assigned Deductions report shows all employee payroll deductions scheduled to happen in future payrolls in Patriot PAY.

More Reports

More About Patriot PAY

Our secure payroll software includes free payroll set-up for up to 50 employees. Companies can run an unlimited number of payrolls; we maintain tax tables for you. In addition to guaranteed accuracy, we offer free, American-based support for a comprehensive, stand-alone payroll management software system.

Patriot PAY payroll software also allow you to:

  • Pay employees with printed paychecks, handwritten paycheck, direct deposit, online bill pay, or cash.
  • Print W-2s and other year-end reports
  • Track reported tips
  • Run payroll with no long-term contract

Unlike other online payroll software companies, you’ll have no long-term contracts with Patriot. Simply pay for your payroll software month-to-month. We know you’ll find that our payroll software meets all your small business needs.

Ready to try our Basic Payroll Service for FREE?