Website Builder – Rushmore WEB FAQs

What does Rushmore WEB do?

With Rushmore WEB, you can create a website for your business and maintain it with our easy-to-use website builder. Patriot Software hosts your website as part of our $7 monthly fee.

How many websites am I able to build?

You may create and maintain one website per account. If you wish to create more than one website, you will need to create a new account for each website. You will be billed separately for each account.

Can I change the colors and style of my website?

Yes, even after you create a website, you can easily change the colors, style, pictures, layout, and text on your website at anytime.

How many pages can I add to my website?

You can add an unlimited number of pages to your website.

Do I need to use Patriot PAY or any other software modules in order to use Rushmore WEB?

No. Rushmore WEB is a stand-alone product used to build and host your company website. You do not need any of Patriot’s other software modules to create a website in order to create a website with Rushmore WEB.

How do I become a Rushmore WEB customer?

If you are already a Patriot Software customer, you can add Rushmore WEB by visiting the “Add or Cancel Software” page. If you’re a new customer, you can select Rushmore WEB during the sign-up process.