Hiring Software – Patriot HIRE FAQs

October 1, 2013


What is Patriot HIRE?

Patriot HIRE is Internet-based applicant tracking software (ATS) developed by Patriot Software, Inc.

What does Patriot HIRE do?

Patriot HIRE helps you manage your entire hiring process. You can advertise and track your open positions, follow applicants through the screening and interviewing process, organize correspondence, and other hiring activities.

How does Patriot HIRE work?

After you add a job opening and advertise the job, all job seekers will be directed to a unique application. Patriot HIRE uses this information to create a Candidate Record. You simply log into the Patriot Software website to access your jobs and candidates. Because HIRE is a software as a service, you can monitor the progress of your job opening anytime or anywhere.

How can Patriot HIRE help me with my job postings?

As a Patriot HIRE user, you can advertise open positions on your company’s website. To give your job openings further Internet exposure, you can advertise through Job Javelin, which posts jobs to many popular Internet career sites. All applicants will be directed to an online application page, where they can attach their resume. All information job applicants provide automatically flows into Patriot HIRE, with no data entry required on your part.

I don’t have a big company. Why do I need an applicant tracking system?

No matter what size your business, conducting a job search can be time-consuming and complicated. Patriot HIRE applicant tracking system can simplify the process of hiring for employers.

Can Patriot HIRE help me recruit for my jobs?

Patriot HIRE does not offer recruiting services; however, through a service called Recommended Recruiter.com, you can easily send hard-to-fill jobs to executive recruiters of your choice.

Can I use Patriot HIRE standalone without using Patriot’s other software offerings?

Yes, Patriot HIRE can be used alone or with Patriot’s other products and services.

Can I see how Patriot HIRE works?

Click the green “Try It Free” button to sign up for a sample system, which includes jobs and candidates.

What does Patriot HIRE Cost?

Patriot HIRE is only $6.00 per month, regardless of the number of active employees, or whether you are a Patriot PAY customer.