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Hiring Software

July 22, 2014


Patriot HIRE®

Patriot HIRE® is online hiring software that helps small business owners handle all stages of hiring, from advertising on the Internet to making a job offer. HIRE tracks all of your open jobs, and the job seekers applying for those jobs. It manages your correspondence with job applicants. It keeps a running history so you can always look back and see the candidates who applied for any of your jobs.

Best of all, you only pay for what you use. So, if you hire infrequently, you can turn HIRE off when you’re not hiring, and you won’t be charged. And when you later wish to begin hiring again, your data will be intact.

Hiring Software Pricing

Hiring software is typically very expensive. But not this one! HIRE is priced for the small business owner who hires infrequently. Turn it off when you’re not using it, and you won’t be charged.
Plus, you automatically receive a big discount when you advertise your jobs with HIRE on popular career sites. (The job posting service and discount is provided by JobJavelin.com.)

  • Just $6 a month
  • Free support
  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • Free setup and support
  • No long-term contract
  • Price/month
  • $6.00
  • Unlimited use. No long-term contract.

Hiring Software Features

  • Manage Your Jobs

    Maintain all of the details and activities involving your open jobs (and past jobs).

  • Advertise Your Jobs

    Advertise your jobs on popular Internet career sites with almost zero effort!

  • Use Social Media

    Your jobs can be easily shared on popular social media sites.

  • Track Job Applicants

    Collect the resumes from job seekers who apply for your jobs.

  • Record Communications

    Store any documents, interview notes, and comments about any job applicant.


  • 30-Day Free Trial

    Try Patriot HIRE® free for 30 days. There is no credit card required.  And, we offer free routine support  at (877) 968-7147.

2-Minute Overview

“Your system is straightforward with clear instructions.”

Douglas DeLoach
Heavenly Housekeeping, Inc – Ocala, FL

“Not only did we have multiple responses just a few hours after posting our job but we were able to follow the applications that came in with great ease.”

Kyle Harvey
Harvey`s Auto Sales – Massillon, OH

“The software seems simple to use and meets all my needs”

Brett Seaman
Service First Heating & Cooling – Tucson, AZ

“Patriot Software Services are WONDERFUL!”

R & R Products LLC – Huntington, WV


What is Patriot HIRE?
Patriot HIRE from Patriot Software is an Internet-based hiring system. Some people refer to this type of software as applicant tracking software (ATS). It doesn’t matter whether you call it a hiring software, an applicant tracking system, or an ATS. The bottom line is, it makes hiring easier!

What does Patriot HIRE do?
Patriot HIRE helps you manage your entire hiring process. You can advertise and track your open positions, follow applicants through the screening and interviewing process, organize correspondence, and other hiring activities.

How does Patriot HIRE  work?
After you add a job opening and advertise the job, all job seekers will be directed to a unique application. Patriot HIRE uses this information to create a Candidate Record. You simply log into the Patriot Software website to access your jobs and candidates. Because HIRE is an Internet based software as a service, you can monitor the progress of your job opening anytime or anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

How can Patriot HIRE help me with my job postings?
As a Patriot HIRE® user, you can advertise open positions on your company’s website. To give your job openings further Internet exposure, you can advertise through JobJavelin.com (at a discounted rate), which posts jobs to many popular Internet career sites. All applicants will be directed to an online application page, where they can attach their resume. All information job applicants provide automatically flows into Patriot HIRE® with no data entry required on your part.

I don’t have a big company. Why do I need an applicant tracking system?
No matter what size your business, conducting a job search can be time-consuming and complicated. Patriot HIRE applicant tracking system can simplify the process of hiring for small business owners.

Can I use Patriot HIRE standalone without using Patriot’s other software offerings?
Yes, Patriot HIRE® can be used alone or with Patriot’s other products and services.

Additional Info

Patriot HIRE® helps small business owners find and hire the right employee for the job.

Manage Your Job Openings

  • Create unlimited jobs with the Patriot HIRE® Applicant Tracking System.
  • Create detailed job advertisements.
  • Advertise your job openings on popular Internet career sites.
  • Share your open jobs for free on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Manage Job Applicants

  • Eliminate paperwork with online applications for your jobs.
  • Store resumes within the candidate record for quick reference.
  • Receive email notifications when candidates apply for your job opening.
  • Record a job applicant’s data in a secure environment, including resumes and file attachments.

Manage Your Hiring Process

  • Link candidates to the job(s) they apply for.
  • See a snapshot view of that candidates that are in each stage of your hiring process.
  • Keep track of all candidate notes and correspondence.

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