TaxBeGone Customers: How to Print W-2s

October 25, 2013


Here’s how to print year-end W-2 forms for your employees in Patriot PAY. (Note: If you are not a TaxBeGone customer, follow the instructions in the following article: How to Print W-2 Forms in Patriot PAY.)

1. Review the W-2 Summary Report.
  • Go to Payroll Tax Service > Tax Reports > W-2 and W-3 Summary.
  • Select “Employee W-2 Summary” Report.
  • Select the employee and the year.
  • Review the Employee Summary report for each employee. If it looks correct, continue with the steps below. For more information, read “Employee W-2 Summary Report.”
2. Print the W-2 forms.
  • Payroll Tax Service > Tax Tasks > Download/Print W-2s.
  • Select the Year.
  • Under Select Employees, choose All to print all of the W-2 forms at once, or choose an individual employee.
  • Load perforated paper in your printer. You can purchase the IRS-approved W-2 paper (four-down a page) from an online office supply site or our preferred vendor website.
  • Click “Download and Print.” A PDF will open showing your W-2 forms.
  • Print W-2 forms following your browser’s printing instructions. For more information, read “Printing from Patriot PAY Using Common Web Browsers.”

Note: if you have problems opening the PDF, check your browser’s pop-up blocker setting. For more information, read: “How Do I Disable the Pop-Up Blocker?”

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