Employee Portal

Have your employees do their own administrative tasks


Employee Portal

Your employees will sign into the employee portal at www.MYpatriot.com. This dedicated website provides a convenient, secure way for your employees to access their own payroll data online, anytime, from anywhere. They can enter their time worked, view and print their payroll details, and change their banking information in the employee portal.

Employee Portal Pricing

With pricing like this, every small business owner can afford to have an Employee Portal!

  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • Free setup and support
  • No long-term contracts
  • Employees
  • 1
  • 5
  • 10
  • 25
  • 50
  • price/month
  • $2.00
  • $4.00
  • $6.40
  • $13.28
  • $24.00

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Employee Portal Features

  • Hands-Off Service

    Let Employees Do the Work

    Let your employees clock-in and out from their computer. No time clock is necessary. Various controls prevent employee fraud.

  • free-trial

    Less Work for You

    It only takes seconds to approve your employees’ work hours, which automatically get shared with the payroll software (PAY).

  • payroll-setup

    No More Time Clocks

    The era of expensive time clocks is over. You don’t need to purchase, install, or maintain time clocks. Everything is done online.

  • free-support

    Easy Reporting

    Your employees’ time-card history is stored for each pay period. Quick reports help you see an employee’s attendance and time-off used (or unused).

  • secure-system

    30-Day Free Trial

    Try MY Patriot free for 30 days. MY Patriot is just one of four optional add-ons to our payroll software, Patriot PAY.

  • automatic-updates

    Free Support

    We offer free routine support. Just call our USA-based support team toll-free at (877) 968-7147.

1-Minute Overview


What is MY Patriot?
You will assign a username and password to each employee. The employee will log-in to www.MyPatriot.com to access their own information online.

Why should I use MY Patriot?
MY Patriot saves time for both you and your employees. By empowering your employees to find their own information, they can answer their own questions any time. Employees can clock-in and clock-out, access their paycheck details, view their time worked, view vacation balances, and more.

Do you have payroll software that works with MY Patriot?
Yes, MY Patriot can be used with our online payroll software, Patriot PAY. Paychecks are created in Patriot PAY by the employer, and the employees view their paycheck details in MY Patriot.

How do I share my employer documents with my employees?
If you choose to use the optional add-on product, Patriot HR, your employees can access the employer documents you wish to share, such as an employee handbook or other employee notices.


  • Payroll History Report
    The Payroll History report shows a breakdown of the employee’s paycheck details within a specific date range. The report shows all payroll activity, including paychecks, prior payroll history, deductions, contributions, employee taxes, employer taxes, etc.
  • Time Summary Report
    The Time Summary report allows your employees to report on any pay period and see their time punches and hours (e.g., regular hours, overtime hours, sick time taken, personal business taken, or vacation hours used).
  • Time-Off History Report
    If you offer time-off to your employees, such as vacation or sick leave, employees can view details of their time-off balances. The Time-Off History report shows the date the time-off was given or taken, the amount of time, and the remaining balance.

Additional Info

The online Employee Portal, MY Patriot, is self-serve software that allows employees to answer their own questions, and help themselves! With this add-on to Patriot PAY, your employees can access their vital information employee data online, anytime, with their secure login. Then, they can…

  • Clock-in and clock-out
  • View their paycheck details
  • Print their paycheck stubs
  • View their hours worked
  • View time-off balances
  • Edit personal information
  • Edit emergency contact information
  • Update their federal tax withholding (Form W-4)
  • and more…

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